What is the secret to making the 'niche' toy brand the champion of category sales?

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
In the toy market, original + educational toys are favored by the market. TOI is an educational toy brand focusing on the originality and promotion of puzzles. Although it has only been five years since its establishment in 2015, its market share is far ahead. Tmall platform data shows that as of November 2020, TOI Tuyi puzzle sales exceeded 55 million yuan, ranking first in the puzzle category. How did TOI achieve such a result? To this end, we interviewed Peter (Mr. Cheng Ping), the founder of TOI Tuyi brand, and asked him to share the success of product development and brand operation. 01 Product development focuses on high-quality, high-value, and cost-effective products, and enhances product safety and artistry. Peter mentioned that our puzzle products can achieve the highest sales in the entire network. The underlying reason is that we adhere to a professional and focused mentality. Another important reason for this is that we adhere to the three-high principle in product development. High quality is reflected in the selection of materials. Previously, puzzle products mostly used gray board paper as raw materials. This raw material was mostly processed from recycled materials, which could not be guaranteed in terms of safety, and had defects such as easy delamination, poor toughness, and faint color. High white cardboard, this paper uses virgin wood pulp as raw material, the paper surface is flat and smooth, the color purity is high, and it has more uniform ink absorption and folding endurance, thus improving the quality of puzzle products. In addition, TOI puzzles are printed with soybean ink, which is safer and more environmentally friendly, with bright colors. TOI Jigsaw Puzzle has passed the EU EN71 certification and joined the China Game Association Certified Supplier System (CSI) to expand overseas markets with the help of CSI's online advantages. TOI Jigsaw Puzzle Product EN71 Certification Test Report Peter said: The so-called high-looking value refers to the product jointly developed by TOI Jigsaw Puzzle Product and cutting-edge illustrators and artists at home and abroad. In October of this year, we launched a new series of jigsaw puzzles jointly by artists. The illustrations are all from well-known illustrators in France, Spain and Vietnam, bringing children a more diversified artistic enlightenment and visual experience. In addition, TOI’s graphic art puzzles of national style use artistic expressions to incorporate cultural elements such as our country’s intangible cultural heritage (paper kite), traditional folklore (lion dance), and 24 solar terms (Chinese dragon) into the puzzle design. The series contains 59 knowledge points and 24 ancient poems, allowing children to learn traditional Chinese culture while playing in China. TOI's use of white cardboard material and product design in collaboration with cutting-edge illustrators and artists has resulted in higher costs than its peers, but it insists on high cost performance in terms of pricing. We found that the core demand of young parents who are currently in the middle class is to have good things, but not so expensive. Therefore, our products are priced relatively reasonably to attract these young parents. 02 In response to the blind pain points of parents in choosing puzzle products, the advanced education puzzles were launched. The monthly sales of more than 30,000 boxes of advanced education puzzles are TOI Tuyi’s relatively successful products in the past two years and are generally favored by consumers. In this regard, Peter introduced: We found in the process of consumer behavior analysis that many parents are confused and confused when choosing puzzles for their children, and do not know what puzzles to choose for their children. When most parents buy without professional guidance, they often subconsciously buy a large number of puzzles for their children to play, thinking that multiple challenges will make the children smarter. In fact, fit is the most important thing. Too difficult and too simple will result in children not having the real fun of playing puzzles, let alone improving their abilities in other areas. In response to this pain point of parents, TOI Tuyi launched the advanced educational puzzle, a series of educational toys with systematic content. TOI Advanced Educational Puzzles from 2 to 195, including 7 stages, 22 difficulty level settings, to meet the playing needs of children at all stages, continuously improve children's observation and concentration, cultivate a sense of accomplishment, and build confidence The foundation makes learning a pleasure. TOI also provides bilingual story content in Chinese and English. By scanning the QR code of the mini program, children can play puzzles while listening to the story. In addition, advanced puzzles are also equipped with a parent manual to guide parents on how to choose puzzles according to the age of their children, and provide a wealth of parenting content. In 2020, TOI Tuyi Advanced Education Puzzle won the National Parent-Child Product Award. On the Tmall platform, more than 30,000 boxes have been sold in the past month. Peter introduced: In October, we have launched the third series-the popular science cognition puzzle series. From the end of the year to 2021, we will launch more series and scenes of products to provide parents and children with richer choices. I believe this Series sales will also move to a higher level. 03 Expanding adult consumer groups and diversified consumption scenarios, allowing more people to come into contact with puzzle products. When talking about the key plan for 2021, Peter said: Before, we had a habitual thinking. The success of Paomat made us realize that adults also have a need for play, especially for parents born in the 90s and 95s. Their minds are younger, more entertaining, and have a need for entertainment. Aiming at this group of young people, TOI Co-branded Shanghai Art Studio and launched a series of classic animation puzzles, focusing on classic nostalgia. There are classic animation puzzles such as Nao Tiangong, Nezha Naohai, Black Cat Sheriff, and other classic animation puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, Chaowan puzzles and other series of products. Peter said that in 2021, TOI will also expand more diversified consumption scenarios, such as bookstores, coffee shops, homestays, etc., so that more people will be exposed to puzzle products and enjoy a better life in the process of playing together.
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