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What are the processes involved in producing a resin craft?

What are the processes involved in producing a resin craft?


The process of resin handicraft production, from design to sales, involves several crucial steps to ensure product quality and market acceptability. Resin handicraft ornaments have a wide range of applications in art, home decor, and gifting industries, making meticulous production and quality control particularly important.

The production process of resin handicraft decorations usually involves the following steps:

·Design: Firstly, product design is necessary. Designers will create the shape and details of the product based on market demands and style requirements.

·Prototyping: Before commencing mass production, a prototype sample is typically made. This prototype is used to check if the design meets expectations and allows for modifications and improvements.

·Mold Making: Once the prototype is confirmed, molds for production need to be created. Resin handicraft decorations are usually produced through injection molding or compression molding, so corresponding molds are essential.

·Preparation of Resin Materials: Suitable resin materials are selected and mixed in specific proportions to ensure product quality and stability.

·Injection Molding or Compression Molding: The mixed resin material is injected into the prepared molds, and then molding machines are used to shape the decorations. We usually refer to the finished mold as resin white ware.

·Curing: The resin decorations cool and solidify within the molds to retain the desired shape and hardness.

·Trimming and Polishing: After removing the cured resin ornaments from the molds, some trimming and polishing may be required to eliminate rough edges and imperfections, creating a smoother surface.

·Coloring and Decoration: Depending on the design requirements, coloring and decoration are applied to the resin decorations. This can be done through manual painting, stickers, decals, or other methods.

·Quality Inspection: A quality check is performed on the produced resin handicraft ornaments to ensure there are no visible defects or damages. 

·Packaging: The resin handicraft decorations are packaged securely for transportation to sales channels or customers.

·Sales and Distribution: The completed resin handicraft decorations are sent to sales channels such as stores, exhibitions, or online platforms for consumers to purchase.

The above is the typical production process for resin handicraft decorations. Different types of handicrafts may have some slight variations. According to market demands and design requirements, each handicraft production may involve some personalized adjustments and steps.

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