Three, shang and zhou era _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: in about four thousand years ago, before the development of agricultural production progress, started to sprout, private ownership form of primitive clan tribal society already can not adapt to the new requirement. Long before in about four thousand years ago at that time, the development of agricultural production progress, started to sprout, private ownership form of primitive clan tribal society already can not adapt to the new requirement. Xia tribe was settled for a long time in the central plains area, through joint others formed by xia dynasty slavery in the country. This can be said to be the first dynasty in the history of our country, the underground archaeological Mr Object can confirm, the exist of before shang dynasty is a historical facts rather than the legend. Combined with the later of the shang dynasty, western zhou dynasty and zhou dynasty ( Including the spring and autumn and the warring states period) , was ruled as 'xia, shang and zhou era', in which around two thousand years. This period of social form by primitive tribal clan development for the slave society, also become the slave society to feudal society transformation period of change. At the time, all sorts of handicraft industry gradually gradually complexity, began to have division of labor system, the ceramics have become independent handicraft industry department, and is one of the most important in the type of work. Three generations of xia, shang and zhou pottery and porcelain varieties, can be roughly divided into pottery, white pottery, YinWenTao, red clay, original pottery, etc. Which used in our daily life is the most basic, trained, and people with simple rope or basket of lines, or coloured drawing or pattern all sorts of complicated design; And in the production process in carcass, print, carve, heap and rowed to return skin texture effect. Device body modelling function still in this period is given priority to with eating utensils, a bean, pot, kettle, by li, vase with, jia, etc. White pottery in the late neolithic has appeared, this time have a further development. The raw materials for porcelain clay, white pottery use texture is fine, sintering temperature is higher than other varieties of pottery. Its modelling and decoration is directly at the same time the influence of the bronze ritual vessels, are not under bronzes art value. Through the practice of long-term fire white pottery and plating hard pottery, continuous improvement to the choice of raw materials and processing, at least in the middle of the shang dynasty in the original porcelain, to the western zhou dynasty, during the spring and autumn and warring states period began to flourish. TaiZhi sintering increased and glazing machine table, make original porcelain non-absorbent and more beautiful. Original porcelain are usually taken in on the body before glazing system geometric patterns, glaze green, greenish yellow. Dynasty people's activity area, mainly in the central plains area, according to archaeological findings can be concluded that in the western henan and shanxi region. An enlarged scope of the rule of shang dynasty, therefore, on the ceramic process is also a large number of fusion characteristics outside the central plains, independence from other agricultural division of labor in the ceramics industry. The western zhou dynasty in the north to Beijing, south to guangdong, east to the seaside, the vast area west of shanxi, gansu, the original porcelain flourished. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period in the Yangtze river, downstream areas appear a large number of pottery workshop, public and private much on its products with words in mind, it is assumed that may be associated with producers or users, in addition, this time a large number of painted pottery is under the influence of contemporary lacquer. Xia, shang and zhou kiln technology improved, also the emergence of the dome kiln more improved kiln firing atmosphere, good for improve the quality of pottery. At the bottom of the furnace volume increase, kiln can reach 1. 8 meters; According to the different products, sintering temperature is increased. Since the western zhou dynasty, the kiln appeared at the top of the chimney, this has great significance for improvement of ceramics fire technology. This innovation, to make the fuel burn more fully, heat more effectively use, also can adjust the velocity of air and fire, the flames of nature to control, sintering temperature up to 1200 oc. So, the improvement of kiln, is the important reason for this period appear primitive porcelain.
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