The shape is inspired by the Chinese 091 nuclear submarine of American toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

According to Shenzhen Satellite TV's 'Directly Hit Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan' program, China's nuclear submarine program started in June 1958, and it was not until 1970 that the first nuclear submarine was launched. Academician Huang Xuhua, the chief designer of China's first-generation nuclear submarines 091 and 092, unveiled the unknown and difficult experience of China's nuclear submarines.   Huang Xuhua pointed out that due to the US-Soviet technical blockade, only a few of the personnel involved in the design and construction of nuclear submarines have several years of experience in imitating Soviet submarines, and almost all of their knowledge of nuclear submarines stays on the three words 'nuclear submarines.'   Academician Huang Xuhua said that we don’t know anything about nuclear submarines. We once said that as long as the conventional submarine imitated the Soviet Union was cut open with a reactor in the middle, it was as simple as that. Later, it looked like two different things. At that time, the materials in the hands of the designers were only two obscure photographs of the appearance of nuclear submarines and two toy models of American nuclear submarines. Academician    recalled: One was brought back from Hong Kong, and the other was brought back from the United States. Two toy models, one small and one large, can be taken apart. After we took it apart, we repeated it and it was basically the same as the blueprints we drew. This increased our confidence even more. China can't go wrong in this direction.
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