The 19th Jingzheng·Beijing Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition was grandly launched in April

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

The 19th Jingzheng·Beijing Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition will be held in Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) from April 2-4, 2014. There are more than 1,500 exhibitors in this exhibition, more than 3,500 exhibiting brands at home and abroad, and the audience will reach more than 100,000. Like the previous Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition, it is a gathering of many strongest suppliers and purchasers. The international large-scale exhibition is the most influential and professional pregnancy and infant exhibition in China. It is an authoritative platform recognized by the industry to comprehensively display the latest products and technologies of the domestic and foreign maternity and infant industry, and release the latest industry information. The exhibits of this year's Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition include: a full range of maternal and infant products, clothing for pregnant and infant children, shoes and hats for pregnant and infant children, strollers and bedding, children's furniture, toys, educational supplies, food and health products for pregnant and infant children, etc. product. This year's exhibition will gather all major well-known brands in the industry, such as Pigeon, Mingyi, Huishan, Feihe, Sanyuan, Champion Baby, Congerzhuang, Kangxiner, Little White Bear, Jishi, Good Woman, Nuka , Junxin, Golden Fashion, Celebrity Baby, Yiduo, Lucky Union, HERDS, October Mommy, Liangliang, Weikai, Sunshine Children, Xiaobaxi, Shiba, Sanjiu and other brands appeared in the exhibition. This exhibition will, as always, focus on the latest product development trends in the country, release the latest information in the industry, and organize a wealth of theme activities-2014 China Maternity and Infant Industry Forum, China’s Maternity and Infant Industry Annual Awards Ceremony and Exhibition Site Industry Forum Wait. In addition, well-known experts in the industry will be invited to interpret and share the latest national policies and industry marketing knowledge. After 12 years of development, Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Baby and Child Exhibition has grown from 2500 square meters to a large-scale international exhibition with a total area of u200bu200b110,000 square meters in Beijing. It has grown from one exhibition every year to one in spring and autumn. . In addition, the exhibition organizer and the Beijing Maternity and Infant Industry Association have joined hands to go to all parts of the country, inviting industry experts and reporters to go deep into localities and enterprises to help companies solve the problems they encounter. Influence. [Online pre-registration, please click]
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