Japan has set off a new wave of smart toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

According to a report on the RecordJapan website on March 20, with the popularity of smart phones, tablet computers and other 'smart toys  According to Japanese media reports, the first phase of the Japanese toy company’s products are the 'SuPi-chan' doll that can talk like a robot, and the luminous doll 'HeroBelt' that can sense human movements. Both products will be exhibited at Japan's largest Android seminar in Akihabara, Tokyo on March 21.   It is understood that the above two dolls are equipped with special apps. Users can see different expressions of 'SuPi-chan' on the smartphone screen. When speaking to the doll, the doll will respond differently, such as answering and shaking.   In addition, users can also remotely control 'SuPi-chan' through smartphones, and let 'SuPi-chan' speak in different tones through functions such as tone synthesis. 'HeroBelt' can perceive children's actions and sounds, and make different responses accordingly, and can make corresponding actions according to the 'start' or 'stop' instructions issued by the user.
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