Huile Toys new bilingual enlightenment book series waiting for you to take home

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
Dear big friends and children, I can tell you a good news, the Huile bilingual enlightenment book series is officially launched! Don’t worry about the baby’s English enlightenment! Many babies from Chinese families have not lived in a bilingual language environment in Chinese and English since they were young. Therefore, it is a little difficult to cultivate a sense of language when they are in subject education. We want babies to learn American early education at home, so that parents don’t have to worry about it! After many years of research, Huile is based on advanced educational research and teaching technology, one is to pursue high-standard educational value, and the other is to pursue a learning and play experience that is entertaining and entertaining. It adopts the age-based advanced learning concept. Different from the enlightenment books on the market, our bilingual enlightenment book series refines the learning content by age, so that language learning is more accurate and direct to children of different ages. Chinese and English bilingual, pure American language, and original multiple exploration and play methods, aiming to let children get interesting, systematic and coherent English learning experience in the product. The first level: Bilingual Cave House 18M+ This is an enlightenment book for babies to fall in love with exploration, because it is not only a hole book, but also a touch book! The tree house is cute and cute. Open the exploration window on the roof. Kids, welcome to the bilingual cave house! Fun illustrations focus on daily life. The pages of the book are frosted on both sides, the special material is not torn, and you are not afraid of being tricked by bears and children~ Cute torn, hand-painted illustrations of the book pages ~ the theme design of each page, novel gameplay, small hand picking, endless fun, It can inspire children to explore and curiosity. The fun of learning and playing is really amazing! For 18M+ children, the simpler the gameplay, the easier it is to learn~ With a light touch of their little hands, they can learn bilingual words. Is it easy~ Little hands are easy to learn. In addition to words, it also has interesting sound effects and richness. Music library! Cultivate your baby's good habit of reading books, and music enlightenment~ Rich content, easy learning for babies. The second level: Bilingual Tuk Tuk 24M+ associated exploration, advanced learning, this is an interactive bilingual enlightenment book! Its learning content is richer, tailored for 24M+ babies, not only have words, but also phrases, short period triggers, advanced learning, and help children to understand the system~ cute illustration style, 12 sets of cognitive themes Repeat, the baby can't put it down, and more importantly, the full jam learning, no screen and more eye protection. If you are still afraid that your baby will be boring to learn English, you can explore new ways to play-connect the keys and learn short sentences in related scenes, which is super fun! Kids, come and give it a try! The voice interaction of Qu0026A makes this tuk tuk more interesting! I’ll ask, you’ll answer, right and wrong answers will have sentence feedback, which not only liberates mom and dad, but also deepens the baby's memory! Language learning requires more talk. The tuk-tuk can also record + playback. Children can speak while learning. Encourage them to express boldly. The third level: Bilingual dynamic picture book 30M+ situational interaction personal reading, this is the most suitable reading book + touch book for children! 90+ cute hand-drawn style illustrations, covering 12 sets of cognitive themes, with touch carbon film with high color accuracy, cute and natural, making people love it. The picture book takes the baby's day as the main line, adopts the word-segment reading-story-accompanied reading mode for progressive learning, cultivates logical thinking, and learns to express bilingually. There are also 32+ Moiré pattern dynamic mini games, with little hands sliding, everything can be moved, the surprise hidden in the pages of the book, kids, hurry up and dig! The recording function makes children fall in love with imitating, word follow-up/sentence retelling/story trial, mom and dad only need to guide and use it~ Such a beautiful, fun, and easy-to-learn enlightenment book, if the baby can have all of it, it will be great NS!
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