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How to make a resin snow globe?

How to make a resin snow globe?


Snow globes are enchanting keepsakes that capture the whimsy of winter in a small, magical world. Creating your own resin snow globe adds a personal touch to this timeless decoration. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting your very own winter wonderland encapsulated in clear resin.

Materials Needed:

Before diving into the creative process, gather the following materials:

1. Resin (clear epoxy resin)

2. Globe-shaped mold or container

3. Miniature figurines or objects

4. Glycerin (optional, for slower snowfall)

5. Glitter or fake snow

6. Adhesive (e.g., super glue)

7. Mixing cups and stirring sticks

8. Disposable gloves

9. Craft sticks or toothpicks for positioning objects

10. Painter's tape (optional, for securing the mold)

Step 1: Prepare Your Work Area

Create a dedicated and clean workspace for your project. Cover the surface to protect it from resin spills, ensuring proper ventilation.

Step 2: Choose and Prepare the Mold

Select a globe-shaped mold or container for your snow globe. The interior can be sculpted and then molded into a resin white ware, or the mold can be made using 3D printing technology. Since the water in the snow globe is reflective and has a magnifying effect, the largest size of the figurine in the interior is less than 3 inches.

Of course, there are also many photos of snow globe now. But the shell of the photo snowball is mainly made of plastic.

Step 3: Position Miniatures

Use super glue to securely attach miniature figurines or objects to the base of the mold. Employ craft sticks or toothpicks to arrange the objects in your desired configuration.

Step 4: Add Glycerin (Optional)

For a slower snowfall effect, incorporate a small amount of glycerin into the resin and mix it evenly.

Step 5: Pour Resin into Mold

Carefully pour the mixed resin into the mold, covering the miniatures. Leave some space at the top to accommodate the snow and create an air bubble.

Step 6: Add Glitter or Fake Snow

While the resin is still wet, sprinkle glitter or fake snow into the globe. Gently stir if necessary to distribute the glitter evenly.

Things to note when adding glitter:

1. Wash the glitter with dish soap. Do not use floating glitter.

2. Fill the glass ball with water and stand it upside down on the shelf. Place the washed glitter on it. The glitter will sink to the bottom of the glass ball.

Step 7: Remove Air Bubbles

When filling the snow globe, we can avoid air bubbles through the following methods. Before combining the glass sphere and the sealing water plug, first put the glass sphere and the sealing water plug into the sink together so that there is no air in the internal space of the glass sphere. At the same time, the sealing water plug and the decorations adhered to the sealing water plug. There are no remaining bubbles then the neck of the glass sphere is combined with the sealing water plug. Due to the tightness of the elastic material used to make the sealing water plug, the water in the glass sphere will not leak, and the water inside the glass sphere will not leak. There won't be any gas inside.

Step 8: Let it Cure

Allow the resin to cure based on the manufacturer's instructions, typically taking 24-48 hours. Patience during this stage is crucial for a durable and polished result.

Step 9: Demold

Once the resin is fully cured, carefully remove the snow globe from the mold. Admire your creation, taking in the intricate details of your miniature winter scene.

Step 10: Seal the Opening

Seal the opening of the globe using more resin or an appropriate material to prevent any leaks and maintain the integrity of your snow globe.

Step 11: Optional - Decorate the Base

Enhance the overall aesthetic by decorating the base of the snow globe. Use paint or additional embellishments to add a personal touch to your masterpiece. You can engrave some blessings or favorite patterns on the bottom.

Crafting a resin snow globe is a delightful and rewarding experience, allowing you to express your creativity while capturing the magic of winter in a timeless display. Experiment with different figurines, colors, and arrangements to create unique snow globes that make perfect gifts or festive decorations for your home. During the Christmas season, snow globes are the best gifts for friends and family. Embrace the joy of crafting and share the enchantment of your personalized winter wonderland with friends and family.

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