Farmers claimed yesterday 60 love woodcarving hope hand skills happinesses

by:Ennas      2021-08-09
Pieces of wood carving is permeated with natural simple and vigorous artistic lasting appeal, amazing. However, due to manual sculpture this art, there are very few young people willing to learn, absence or Xu Fenglong are worried about. Since childhood by the influence, the farmers love sculpture 'I use this elegant spirit monkey woodcarving is a tumor with tree withered wood carvings, before and after it took me more than a month's time. 'In Xu Fenglong home, listen to the introduction of xu, looked at the sleek woodcarving, really let a person can't imagine, is from the hand of the obscure farmers in front of me. The 65 - year - old Xu Fenglong, was a genuine farmers, his father engaged in wood carving, mother is a master of embroidery, printing, plate making and the sewing, from his preteens Xu Fenglong is gradually fell in love with the clay figurine and wood carving. Later, whether a student or a military career, he has been learning all clay sculpture, wood carving, painting, such as folk craft. Xu Fenglong told reporters: 'one starts to learn woodcarving, feel the difficulty is bigger, wood carving is a slow movement, not only to their brains have stamina and physical strength, sometimes want to carve out a satisfied work, may need two or three months. 'Nevertheless, Xu Fenglong insisted on working during the day, night and QingDeng go hand in hand, a knife, a spark gauge design, and on the patches of wood and activity on roots, pour into the obsession with wood carving art and passion. Skills reputation spread, someone must be 1978 subsequent Xu Fenglong gathers, out of love for carving, he to outside to look for a large furniture factory, is specialized in wood carving, furniture design, drawing work. In 2005, Xu Fenglong home business, with exquisite craftsmanship with son opened a small furniture factory specializes in wood carving process, because of its furniture all by hand carved on the pictures, so the product is in short supply in the market. As life of stability, Xu Fenglong is study, he constantly absorbing gold, stone, bamboo, paper carving skills, created a crisscross of Yin and Yang, false or true complement each other, fusion, ornamental engraving, carving skills such as embedded in the integration of the hsu woodcarving method. 'Qingming scroll is a larger woodcarving work, carved above have many characters. 'Xu Fenglong tells a reporter, the work high 70 cm, 200 cm long. The reporter understands, Xu Fenglong works in the local folk wisdom is very wide, hsu feng told neighbors, said xu of the sculpture is famous in the local, collectors and art lovers attracts thousands more often than not. Nowadays, science and technology developed gradually lost artifacts to many markets, but Xu Fenglong believes that craftsmanship will never disappear, although carving machine speed, high efficiency, but it lost the traditional carving lasting appeal, lack the sensitivity and verve, only pure handmade works more artistic and appreciating. Manual sculpture this art, however, now there are very few young people willing to learn, Xu Fenglong absence or worried about wood carving technology. Xu Fenglong, said he hopes to create more outstanding works to attract young people, and cultivate talent young woodcarving, the better the folk art heritage.
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