9-year-old baby's act of buying toys on credit is invalid

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Chinese Business Daily News (Reporter Song Bingqin) Recently, a 9-year-old boy from Baoji bought toys for 10 yuan on credit from the store in front of the school with the same (pseudonym). Tongtong’s mother was very annoyed by the shopkeeper’s unauthorized credit to minors, and worried that her child might get the habit of overdraft consumption. The parents were worried that the child would develop a bad condition and would later embark on the path of crime. On the 23rd, Ms. Zhao reported to the China Business Daily that her grandson was in the fourth grade at a primary school in Baoji High-tech Zone and bought a toy with a credit of 10 yuan in the store in front of the school. She also lied to her mother that it was bought with the money from the teacher of the custody class. After learning that the store was crediting her child, her mother took the child to pay the shop owner. 'About a week ago, the baby stole a few hundred yuan from the family and went to the store in front of the school to buy toys. Her mother beat the baby when she found out.' 'The store gave a 9-year-old baby on credit. I was not responsible at all. I'm really afraid that the child will learn badly and develop this kind of problem. If I borrow too much, what should I do if I embark on the path of crime?' The same mother Ms. Liu said that she took the baby to the shopkeeper and repaid 10 yuan on the same day. Money, and confess that you don’t want to give your baby any more credits in the future. The owner of the credit account claimed to be the 'first timeNS. The female shopkeeper said that she originally didn't want to give Tongtong a credit. Tongtong wanted to borrow money from a classmate to buy an electric fan. The classmate seemed very embarrassed, and Tongtong said that she would get the money the next day. In the same way, the shop that gave him credit has also credited other children he knew before. The reporter visited the store and said that there are often children on credit. On the morning of the 24th, a reporter from Huashang Daily came to the door of the same elementary school and found that there were 8 small shops on the opposite side to the north, one selling food and 7 mainly selling school supplies. A reporter from China Business News chatted with a male shopkeeper and learned that children often take credit. Generally, he will take credit for those under 10 yuan, but not over 10 yuan. 'Most children can return it, and some people drag it and don't return it, so I don't want it.' The owner said that the most expensive toys in his store cost more than 300 yuan. A reporter from China Business Daily visited 4 stores. The shopkeepers all admitted that they would give their children credits, but one said they only credit red scarves, because children can't enter the school without red scarves, and children will also credit them if they forget to bring them. At 11 o'clock in the morning, there were many parents waiting to pick up their children at the school gate. Three parents said that their children were very worried about the issue. 'We bought the school supplies in time when we ran out of them, and bought snacks and toys on credit for one day.' Master Wang said that his son was in fifth grade and occasionally took credit for it. For this, he blamed the child. According to psychologists from various parties, parents should teach their children to plan to consume. Duan Xiaopeng, secretary general of Baoji City Psychological Counseling Industry Association, believes that casually giving children credit will easily lead to excessive consumption, form a bad consumption habit, and easily induce some criminal behaviors. For example, older students ask elementary students for money, etc. He suggested that parents should not give their children too much pocket money. Now that children have a lot of money for the new year, parents should assist their children in making a plan, such as how to use the money and where to use it, so that children can develop a planned consumption habit from an early age. Lawyer's point of view: The civil activities of the 9-year-old baby are invalid. Zhao Zhengxiang, a lawyer from Shaanxi Law Firm Law Firm, said that the 'General Principles of Civil Law' stipulates that minors under the age of ten are incapable of civil conduct. In this civil activity, Tongtong is only 9 years old and has no capacity for civil conduct, so his civil activities are invalid. Consumption on the same credit account is actually an oral sales contract with the merchant. If the legal agent approves the contract, the contract is valid. If not, the contract is invalid. If the original is still there, it can be returned; if the original is lost , You need to divide the responsibilities according to the degree of fault of both parties.
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