Zuru will expand this surprise toy brand with more surprises!

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
Rainbow unicorns (Rainbocorns) from Zuru have fluffy, bright unicorn manes, shiny horns and butterfly wings, and each contains a baby Boo-Boo, a baby hidden in a small egg Collection! Rainbow unicorns (Rainbocorns) brand is expanding products for children aged 3 and above, this month there will be more toys on the Internet, major retail stores and local stores for sale. Its surprise is shining, fascinating and fun. Children can collect 24 small versions of Chinese characters, each of which is a surprise until it is opened. This collection includes a ring that children can decorate with character wings and gemstone hearts. Two packs are $5.99, and four packs are $9.99. There are six characters in the second season of Rainbocorns Sparkle heart-shaped surprise. This fall, children will be able to collect these mysterious toys for $9.99 each. In the 'Wild Heart Surprise' series, seven new shiny characters include a super rare sloth, a rainbow unicorn sold exclusively by Target, and a giraffe sold exclusively by Walmart. Each one has 10 layers of surprise hidden in its crispy eggs. Children can find wild rainbow unicorn poop, nail stickers, and long-tailed unicorn boocorns. Each family can capture these elusive animals for $24.99. The launch of this series of toys will be accompanied by an unpacking activity with the theme of egg hunting participated by top influential figures. In addition, this spring, Zuru will expand its brand through a licensing agreement developed by the brand Fresh management company. Consumers can expect clothing, pajamas, stationery, accessories, and more to arrive at retailers soon.
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