Zhongma welcomes the new year, enterprises win business opportunities

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

Today's reporter saw several customers shopping for horse accessories in front of the toy counter in a large supermarket in Fushun City. Ms. Lin, who was shopping for puppet horse accessories, said: The two people in my family belong to the horse, and the year of the horse is born. , Buy a horse doll jewelry and hang it back, which is both good-looking and auspicious. According to the supermarket salesperson, since the end of last month, more and more customers have come to the store to choose horse-related accessories and toys, especially the popular cartoon-shaped plush toys are the best sellers. Great horses, small hummers, festival horses, colorful pommel horses, large, medium, and small happy horses... The year of the horse is approaching. On December 15th, when the reporter went to the market, he saw that there were various toys with horse elements everywhere. Although there is still more than a month before the lunar year of the horse, some businesses have already started 'horse' articles in advance to seize business opportunities. On the shelves of various shopping malls, all kinds of horse-related goods make the customers come and go, and the cartoon horse images of different shapes add a joy to the festival. On December 24, in the warehouse of a toy factory in the city, the staff were preparing to pack the processed simulation horses and prepare them for export. As the Year of the Horse is approaching, all kinds of horse toys have begun to sell well in the market, and Rongcheng toy processing plants have also continued to order orders, and the prospects are remarkable.
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