Zheng-hua sun: a small statue is threatened-seem public art

by:Ennas      2021-09-19
Core tip: during this session of the CPPCC national committee meeting, the CPPCC national committee, dean of China figurine, wu, director of the national ChengDiaoWei art committee submitted to vigorously promote the city figurines legislative proposals. This session of the Chinese people's political consultative conference during the meeting, the CPPCC national committee, dean of China figurine, wu, director of the national ChengDiaoWei art committee submitted to vigorously promote city figurines legislative proposals. Why give figurines legislation? The method of how to set? To our reporter interviewed the figurine institute, vice President of China, shenzhen public art center, art director zheng-hua sun, he suggested to pass legislation, with a more contemporary 'public art' replaced by the concept of 'urban figurines' concept. The country has nearly 200000 ball rises to wu think, in recent years, city figurines do higher and higher, size bigger, to do more and more. Most large cities figurines, simple form, the void content level is general, ACTS with great architecture and the lack of soul. Figurine of the cities form the same, there is no point to distinctive cultural features and spirit. Rome pillar, little naked statues stand in the neighbourhood. Wear then pull a rickshaw figurines 'running' in the street. Simple commercial utility and political slogans has given rise to a large number of stainless steel ball 'l' into the sky. Several columns supporting a ball, called 'development zone is promising', a few beam waves in order to a ball, called 'the pearl of the Yangtze river', set up a few hand ball, called 'hold up the sun of tomorrow'. Nearly 30 years, the country has nearly 200000 ball rose. Wu said that the national ChengDiaoWei has issued the memorial statue reference list ', but in recent 20 years, optional the gender is big, plastic, plastic how much scale, shape after put in what place has no standard. That a local celebrity, even controversial celebrities have been shaped into a dozen meters or dozens of meters high. Because there is no standard evaluation system, art level is low, distort and demonizing the figurines leaders and elite, most of these figurines from the hand of amateurs. Wu: figurines legislation is imperative. Public art environment involves the legal responsibility for the proposal, China figurine institute, vice President, director of shenzhen public art center zheng-hua sun said in an interview with the financial times that are common art legislation in foreign countries, developed countries through legislation, for example, the percentage of public art program, namely to extract certain proportion for public art construction, this respect, China lagged far behind the international prevailing practice. Buildings springing up in China, developers have no in improving city environment and the construction of public art aspects of the legal responsibility. And art foundation, also need legal protection, nor in domestic specification. Zheng-hua sun agreed with figurines legislation, but he thought must first clear legislation premise, the method of tube, tube. If must be formulated according to the official 'memorial statue reference list' to do a small statue, actual it is the use of means to pipe figurines. City figurines, after all, is the art is in the field of fun, beyond the law for this list? Zheng-hua sun advocated by legislation to tube process rather than content. For example, through legislation to set up the small statue of the urban planning system, selection system, hearing system, public system, supervision system, etc. , use to protect the rights of the participation of citizens to city figurines. Clear their responsibility and obligation, this legislation is necessary. Advantages of shenzhen public art no longer obvious zheng-hua sun think China's top priority is to pass legislation, with more time feeling the concept of 'public art' to replace the concept of 'urban figurines', at the same time, solve the problem of public art, a series of system through legislation, public space of democracy and the rule of law. Of course, in addition to legislation, and the problem of public education, their citizen quality including leadership quality problems and so on, these are important aspects. Zheng-hua sun, in the 1980 s and 1990 s, small statues in shenzhen city construction is leading in the country, for example, set up the earliest city figurines office; For the first figurine urban planning; Also created a series of high-quality goods city figurine. In recent years, along with the development of urban construction in shenzhen in public art and urban figurines construction relative lag. Although some other cities more than shenzhen. But shenzhen is still has many advantages: it has the advantage of local legislation, has the advantage of the system construction, have the advantage of economy is relatively developed, small statues or public art in city, can become the plots and area style = 'display: none; 'Id =' txtnewintro 'name =' txtnewintro '> area > benchmarking, the whole city just put attention a little bit in terms of city public art, can be effective immediately.
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