Zhejiang Yunhe: Cultural creativity drives the wooden toy industry

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

The ubiquitous 'wood play elementsFairy tale world'.   Lishui City Mayor Huang Zhiping told the reporter of China Economic Herald that Yunhe Wooden Toys has pioneered and innovated, transformed and upgraded, and integrated the wooden play culture into industrial cultivation, urban and rural construction, and tourism development. In recent years, the Yunhe County Party Committee and Government has formulated a development strategy of creating a 'landscape home, fairy tale world' in accordance with local conditions, injecting cultural connotation into the traditional wooden toy industry, enhancing the driving force of cultural creativity to the traditional industry, and actively promoting wooden toys and preschool education The integration of, animation, games, tourism and other industries will promote the transformation and upgrading of the wooden play industry. The Yunhe wooden toy industry started in the 1970s. After 40 years of development, the output value of wooden toys has accounted for 30% of the county's total industrial output value.   The early Yunhe wooden toy industry was at the low end of the industry as a whole. It was mainly OEM processing, selling wood resources and labor, with low efficiency. In the process of industrial development, Yunhe people gradually realized the importance of independent innovation.   Talent and technology are essential elements for independent innovation. The county has successively established service platforms such as the wooden toy talent training center, the wooden toy outer packaging research and development center, and the wooden toy quality inspection center to promote technological innovation in the wooden toy industry. In order to strengthen brand building, Yunhe County has also accelerated the establishment of its own brands and cultivated well-known trademarks and brand-name products. 'Laughing Monkey' won the municipal famous trademark. In recent years, Yunhe County has planned and constructed the entire county town as a wooden play theme park, accelerated the construction of the 'Chinese Fairy Tale Leisure Tourism City' and 'Shanshui Fairytale Villagerand. Yunhe County formulated the 'Three-year Action Plan for Urban Planning and Construction Management Improvement'The idea of u200bu200burban development.' Focusing on the display of the 'new fairy tale' city image, the wooden play fairy tale elements are organically integrated into the urban planning, construction and management, so that the entire urban landscape modeling, night scene lighting, public facilities and other style designs truly reflect the characteristics of fairy tales.   Driven by the brand strategy of 'Shanshui Homeland, Fairy Tale WorldAt present, special wooden play tourism projects such as 'Toy Wisdom Park' and 'Wooden Play Paradise' have become the highlights of tourism. The construction of the Muwan Cultural Experience Zone has started. In the next step, Yunhe County will implement a wooden play exhibition complex project integrating 'cultural inheritance, creative teaching, collection appreciation, tourism and sightseeing' and other functions, gradually upgrade the wooden play production base to a wooden play experience base, and promote wooden play Leisure travel, and guide enterprises to develop and produce a batch of tourism products with local characteristics. 'We will continue to promote the in-depth integration of the wooden toy industry with cultural creativity, preschool education, animation, tourism and other industries, accelerate transformation and upgrading, play and tap the cloud and unique mountain water resources, ecological endowments and industrial advantages, and create a 'landscape fairy tale' characteristic Modern ecological leisure tourism city.' Yunhe County Party Secretary Zhang Jianming told a reporter from China Economic Herald.
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