Zhejiang Lishui launches a new model of toy supervision to 'speed up' exports

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

'Too great. This 'report and release' inspection method allows companies to save manpower and material resources.' Recently, Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd. applied for inspection of a batch of export toys at the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The customs clearance voucher was obtained in less than a few minutes, which made the inspectors who have had a long inspection experience full of praise.   Wooden toys are one of the main export products of our city. There are 89 export toy companies in the city, with an annual export value of nearly 300 million US dollars. In order to deepen the reform of the export toy inspection and supervision model and help toy companies in the jurisdiction to adapt to the new normal of China’s economy, the inspection and quarantine department of our city has implemented a new toy supervision model in the jurisdiction of 'report immediately, free testing, and strict risk control'. 'Delegation of power' has 'relaxed' enterprises and 'speeded up' exports. 'Reform is more than just'fast'.' Chen Shaoqing, director of the Longquan Office of the Municipal Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, told reporters. 》Implement 'key project monitoring   Not only that, the municipal inspection and quarantine department implements a preferential policy of 'you test, I pay' for exported toys in the jurisdiction, which not only reduces the production cost of enterprises, enhances the competitiveness of products in the market, but also increases the enthusiasm of enterprises to inspect. According to statistics, this preferential policy reduces inspection fees for toy export enterprises by more than 3 million yuan each year. In order to reconcile the natural contradiction between fast release and strict control, the inspection and quarantine department of our city has also worked hard at the three barriers of raw material control, process control and supervision control, and the supervision mode based on the qualification assessment of outbound goods inspection and approval is the core. Reform into a regulatory model centered on the evaluation of the quality and safety assurance capabilities of export enterprises, and strengthen supervision during and after the event. 'Risk control is the most important thing. It is related to the quality of the product.' Chen Shaoqing said. The toy supervision model of 'reporting immediately, free testing, and strict risk control' has helped enterprises to strengthen the quality and safety control system. To a very good driving effect.
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