Zhejiang Children's Publishing House launches Rainbow Project, toy books popular in Europe and the United States will be introduced

by:Ennas      2021-11-04
Naughty Horse Jumping Series Zhejiang Online·Education News Network July 01. A cooperative project called Rainbow Project is working to open up the borders of reading-   Future, 'Gold Sudoku'Xianyan’s pop-up books, pillow books, 3D books, etc. will enter the Chinese market to provide children and their parents with a richer selection...   Yesterday morning, Zhejiang Children’s Publishing House, Singapore Xincai International Pte Ltd, Hong Kong Polaroid Holding Group held a signing ceremony for the Rainbow Project in Hangzhou Canal National Advertising Industrial Park.   Zhejiang Children's Publishing House has led the domestic children's book market for 12 consecutive years, insisting on the strategy of bringing in and going out, and successively exported more than 500 book copyrights overseas. In the words of Wang Zhong, the president of Zhejiang Children's Publishing House, this hand-in-hand is the combination of the three companies to develop the international and domestic markets, allowing Chinese culture to the world and introducing world culture into China. This is the original intention of this plan. We hope that young people at home and abroad can enjoy a more diverse spiritual and cultural life.   Compared with previous copyright trade work, the Rainbow Project is divided into three steps-book publishing, product research and development, and cultural exchanges. Li Xiaobo, editor of Zhejiang Children's Publishing House, introduced that the first action of the three parties after signing the contract was the publication of books. Like our publishing house’s 'Gold Medal Sudoku.   Li Xiaobo said that we have also taken a fancy to the popular toy books on the European and American markets and will introduce them to the domestic market.  At the signing site, the reporter saw various toy books, which are produced by Singapore New Color International Company, most of which are well-printed, bright in color and comfortable to the touch. For example, the three-fold three-dimensional dinosaur atlas, which creates a sense of depth of the virgin forest and giant dinosaurs; for example, the bath book, which can float on the water due to the special material; there are also pillow books, hug books before going to bed, and so on.
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