'Zero notification' was achieved for toy exports in the jurisdiction throughout the year

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

According to statistics from the Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to April 2015, the Qingyuan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspected 3460 batches of export toys with a value of 61.74 million US dollars, an increase of 16.26% and 22.05% respectively over the same period last year.   Toys are the “big head” of Qingyuan’s export business. Since last year, Qingyuan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has vigorously carried out comprehensive business reforms, innovated export toy inspection and supervision methods, and vigorously implemented the 'qualification assumption' release model for export toys, that is, with 'conformity assessment' as the core, in accordance with corresponding procedures and regulations, The electronic supervision system sets up lottery rules to directly release the products that are not selected. In terms of customs clearance, the paperless inspection application was fully implemented, the inspection process was simplified, and the rapid release was achieved. The old model requires 5 hours for each batch of documents to run. After adopting the new model, you can receive the customs clearance form within half an hour. At the same time, the bureau also cancelled the first batch of inspections for new toy products. For new toy products for export, any inspection report issued by a qualified third-party inspection agency that meets the technical regulations (standards) of the importing country will no longer be carried out. On-site inspection, urge the border to move forward, speed up inspection and release, and facilitate business.   The convenience of customs clearance comes from scientific and effective supervision. In order to facilitate customs clearance while ensuring control over product quality, the bureau focuses on improving the collection of risk data. Comprehensively understand the production and operation, product quality control, and corporate integrity of all export toy manufacturers in the jurisdiction, enrich business data, and provide a basis for subsequent supervision; at the same time, timely grasp information on toy product export business, foreign technical barriers, market demand, etc., Provide a basis for predicting and quickly solving quality problems. In addition, according to foreign notifications or recalls of my country’s exported toys, the bureau promptly reminds export companies in the jurisdiction to strengthen traceability and warning of problem products, and focus on cracking down on counterfeit and shoddy products, cutting corners, counterfeit certification and illegal export behaviors, and effectively improve companies Quality self-inspection and self-control ability to maintain the overall image of the industry. According to statistics, the bureau last year helped 13 companies to improve their quality management systems, 7 companies improved their laboratory testing capabilities, and helped 11 companies to smoothly update or increase toy export licenses, so that toy exports from the jurisdiction can be achieved throughout the year. Zero notification'.
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