Zeng Chenggang unity of the Chinese nation 'theme figurines creation' view exhibition held in Beijing

by:Ennas      2020-06-03
Core tip: people in Beijing on March 8, 'desire' China dream 'for the early realization of the unity of the Chinese nation to strive, I during the' two sessions ', held the view, is that I wish to hear the opinions and Suggestions on various aspects of People's Daily in Beijing on March 8 'desire' China dream 'for the early realization of the unity of the Chinese nation to strive, I during the' two sessions ', held the view shows, is that I wish to hear the opinions and Suggestions from all aspects, and can work continuously improve. 'Vice chairman of China artists association, tsinghua university professor Zeng Chenggang said. Zeng Chenggang 'ceremony together the world datong - — The Chinese nation unity, small statues theme creation 'view exhibition in March 8, 2016 - 12 at tsinghua university in Beijing gallery, exhibition, supported by the China federation of literature and art of Chinese artists association, the China national art academies, tsinghua university, China figurine institute, tsinghua university academy of fine arts figurines to undertake. Zeng Chenggang current the CPPCC national committee, the party committees make company of China federation members, figurines association in China, is China's contemporary the most representative figurines. When talking about the exhibition, Zeng Chenggang said that over the years I've been thinking, how to find more relevant to the contemporary social life, reflects the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in order to implement the 'Chinese dream' grand narrative of subject matter, several years ago, I worked in the Chinese people's political consultative conference proposed creative construction 'the unity of the Chinese nation monument' proposal. Nearly three years, I focus on creating the unity of the Chinese nation 'theme figurines' in my heart. This piece, the biggest characteristic is different from the creation of the place is I ever, is a major theme of the contemporary human body, for contemporary hot raw grand narrative is my new attempt. In writing, I explore some new artistic techniques, so the show is in the form of manuscript, small draft for viewing exhibition, borrow the spring breeze, 'the two meetings' listen to the opinions of the representative, committee members and the masses, experts, I finished the group work better. , vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee, China's literacy and art association, deputy director of the central literature and history institute Feng Yuan wrote a preface for exhibition, Feng Yuan said: intention of fiction for three years, Zeng Chenggang with their own creation completed include 56 nationalities unity of the Chinese nation the statues, lift, zhuang zai! Was completed in 2015 this group of statues, the Angle of the 7th national fine arts since 1989, won the gold medal works no three jie 'emphasizes the form the style of the tension, but the sense of form into rich vivid character modelling detail processing, this is, of course, from the emphasis on the theme of the aggregation tension subject to group people of adjust measures to local conditions, but it can also be felt from the author's great for small statue art pursuit of innovation, namely breakthrough in abundance in the relatively uniform, that he is fully control the figurine originated rule on the basis of spread and the germinal, also is the development of the art of his own blood. Believe that people see this batch of works familiar to produce the style of the work, there must be a shine at the moment of novelty. Feng Yuan certainly in particular, with 'the ritual country via wild' Zeng Chenggang this set of relevant to the current Chinese nation striving for the realization of the 'China dream'. Also Zeng Chenggang implement the 'China dream' in pursuit of the art practice course of the outstanding representative of the stage results. ( Qiu)
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