Zeng Chenggang: good work is stand the test of time

by:Ennas      2021-09-27
Summary: along with the Beijing Olympic footsteps approaching, the small statue of attention, far beyond the art world, in many art medium, why figurines matter, the particularity of the Olympic Games is the subject? With the approaching of the steps for the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic figurines of attention, far beyond the art world, in many art medium, figurines why important, the particularity of the Olympic Games is the subject? Is just a flash in the pan? It can bring to collectors what enlightenment? The June 16, our reporter interviewed Chinese figurines association, tsinghua university academy of fine arts professor Zeng Chenggang. Journalists, Hereinafter referred to as ') : small statue of the Olympic Games is to win? Zeng Chenggang ( Hereinafter referred to as 'was') : figurines used to express the form of sports is a very suitable, since ancient Greece, athletic figurines are very abundant, like a discus, javelin throw, including stories related to sports and the character figurines, to honor or to commemorate the Olympic champion, Chinese athletes. Today with a small statue of interpretation of the Olympic spirit is also a meaningful things, especially in China in one hundred when the Olympic dream come true, I'm writing to express is the torch relay, from Greece to Beijing, the immortality of the flame spread the Olympic spirit is to today, so the shape is a modern greeks and common holding the torch run. Q: how should the judge a small sculpture art value? Collector has: each have their own preferences and habits, the culture and style of the figurines will produce certain value orientation. Judgment figurine art value, however, there are some commonness, an idea is to look at the works, including the artistic language is how mature, material qualitative, craft and so on, and look at the work at the time, expert review and the significance of what had happened, such as whether the prize, what kind of story behind the work, etc. Figurines of the Olympic Games record is a special historical events, but also of people as a kind of serious, over time, the market price of the figurines of the Olympic Games may be taller than now, it's also possible. A good works of art, and won't because time goes by, and will become a classic. So for a small sculpture or other art value, test time is also very important, reaches a certain value, the academic level, will eventually establish their value in the history. Note: overseas figurines collection has formed the climate, and in domestic small statue is considered is in a state of 'valuable, no price'. Once: a small statue is three-dimensional works of art, people to its appreciation ability is not so mature, graphic arts especially modern figurines, from the west to China before and after only 100 years, the domestic understanding of figurines and enthusiasm are nearly twenty years increase slowly, people began to small statue still have no idea, abstract figurines. Figurine into the collection market relative to the painting and other art forms to slow, calligraphy painting collection already very mature, and figurines seemed very strange, this needs time. But a small statue in the past few years to focus more on urban figurines, he also want to feed themselves, make small statues don't have to worry about in the city to sell work day to hang on. Later, the emergence of different needs and figurines, figurines on the shunt, is more small sculpture to enter the market. Small sculpture price is not high also is a fact, but I think now that want to enter the market, will withstand the cold, need to be able to withstand the process of 'valuable, no price', it will slowly rose up, and now the little statue price is better than the previous two years. And I think, some collector's sensitive information and feeling than we are, they have realised that small space of the statue. Note: small sculpture can copy will affect the value and price? Once: a small statue is not like oil painting, traditional Chinese painting is a a, it is a turn to 8 is the original, it has a copy. China figurine figurines certification center to determine the figurines 8 pieces as the original, it looks like a birth certificate, to prevent the fraud on the market, the generic, ensure benefits of collectors. Reporter: now some surprisingly small sculptures, media on the use of sound, light, electricity, wind, etc. , and a small statue of let a person look not to understand, I do not know this is a kind of creative, or go to extremes? Once: some works are small statue, some is not a small statue, some are unit, concept art, some is the art of a kind of light, of course the exploration on classification of fine arts, art style is meaningful, how to think of value? I think that as long as the work can bring you joy, beauty, and meet the needs of appreciation collection, it is valuable. But as a small statue, basic language elements still to exist, such as the academic value, beautiful not beautiful figurines? Or produced not good? If don't have these elements, that such a small statue is meaningless. Reporter: how to select and collectors improve their grade of figurines? Used: one is to see the art history, one is to find people who know their figurines to explain and appreciate. You will feel the form slowly, small body with different natural form of the statue, it emphasizes the form inner strength, this is very abstract, a very fat man down on the chair to sit, figurines cannot be made into the mud, how to make it strong, thick, have the power, there must be the change of form, space, such as the change of the really very professional, however, you will realize slowly.
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