Zanbaby electric music series toys are rich in colors, the lights and music are synchronized, so that the baby can enjoy the happiness brought by the toys.

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
The baby's toy box is always full of various toys, of course, electric musical toys are also indispensable. Not only does it add different colors and sounds to the baby's life, it also allows the baby to exercise the baby's brain, thinking and memory abilities while having fun. Light music camera Zanbaby electric music series toys have light music camera. It has a small and exquisite appearance and bright colors, which can fully attract the baby's interest and let the baby enjoy a rich visual experience. In addition, it has four key functions, such as shooting key, midi key, sound effect key and switch machine key. Zanbaby light and music camera. Although the camera is small, it has a lot of functions. There are 6 midi and 7 interesting sound effects. In addition, it also has the ability to automatically shut down, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The Zanbaby light music camera has built-in LED lights. The lights flicker while the song is playing, which can attract the baby's eyes and attention very well. The shape of the Zanbaby light and music camera is also very round and without edges and corners, making it safer for babies to use. The light music hammer Zanbaby electric music series toys also have a light music hammer. The difference between it and a light music camera is that it only has three buttons, the midi button, the sound effect button and the switch button. I won't repeat it here. In addition, there is a cute little face on the Zanbao electric musical series toys and the cartoon musical keyboard, which will feel cute and kind when the baby first touches it. There are five buttons on the cartoon keyboard, which can sing 10 guitar midi, 10 sleeping songs, 8 nursery rhymes, 10 cheerful uidi and 10 famous songs, a total of 48 music, rich in content, and you can gradually make your baby like it Music creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Zanbaby electric music series toys attract little babies’ eyes with rich colors, flashing lights, and relaxing music, allowing them to exercise their brain thinking skills while having fun, allowing them to enjoy the happy time brought by toys. Is a good partner in the baby's life.
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