Yuerbao baby tumbler toy is fun and interesting, so that the baby can't put it down

by:Ennas      2022-01-09
Baby's hand-held toys are always replaced frequently by mothers. Except for the baby's dislike, they are easily damaged and easily lost. Instead of buying frequently, it’s better to buy it at once without worry and effort. Yuerbao baby tumbler toy is a cute tumbler, you push me and I keep shaking, blinking my eyes, combining the teether and the toy, and the built-in crisp bell, so that the baby can't put it down. Moreover, most babies feel that the bath is boring, and they will express their dissatisfaction through crying. Let the baby tumbler toy accompany the baby in the bath, so that the baby will fall in love with the bath. The soft teeth on the Yuerbao baby tumbler toy are smooth and free of burrs, grinding small teeth and biting pigs’ small ears. In addition, the arc-shaped fixed point is stable and resistant to fall, which not only makes the pig stand stable, but also is not easy to lose. The shape is cute and cute. There is a bell in the belly of the baby tumbler toy. You can adjust the sound of the bell to the baby’s favorite tone and become a good partner of the baby. You push me and shake my eyes, blinking, and the eyes will close and open according to the discovery. Interact and discharge with your baby.
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