Your recognition is what we have been pursuing ----Impressions on the 2016 market

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of 'Taking dealer service as the purpose, to be the best partner for enterprises to explore the Anhui marketMr. Li Yang, the founder of Anhui Baby u0026 Children Fair, has always emphasized that 'Dealer service is as important as the recruitment work. Dealer service is the foundation. Only by insisting on walking on two legs can you walk steadily and go far.' Yes, high-quality Service is the bond that builds trust. The service is not just talking about it, but it needs to be down-to-earth. How the service is to be done depends of course on the needs of the service object. In order to gain a deep understanding of the latest market trends and understand the real needs of dealers, dealer visits are an important task of our investment promotion team. Recalling the last time the dealer visited, it has been nearly half a year now, but that is the most memorable and cherished one of the year. In the face of various merchants' sales and commercial deception, the awareness of terminal stores is increasing, which will undoubtedly cause considerable resistance to our service work. Even if we encounter 100 problems, we have to come up with 101 solutions. This is our dedication to the Anhui Children's Fair as an exhibitor. Sincerity can influence people's hearts! I always think so! Looking back on the process of visiting dealers, I have encountered rejection, suspicion, and indifference. However, it is more recognition and praise for our work. Looking forward to it, looking forward to it, the next dealer visit will start enthusiastically. This time we will focus on visiting large and medium-sized chain store owners and outstanding distributors in various cities and counties in Anhui, and conduct in-depth communication. The 32nd issue of 'Anhui Pregnancy and Infant Market NewsNewspaper, as the most professional and only paper media in Anhui's pregnancy and infant industry, mainly serves the distribution and agent of Anhui's pregnancy and infant industry. The road of dealer service is full of hardships. In 2015, the pregnancy, infant and child industry was faced with numerous difficulties, and dealers were also confused and confused. A professional service platform is needed to stand at the forefront of the industry and serve the development of the industry. Doing a good job in dealer service is the unshirkable responsibility of every employee of our Anhui Baby u0026 Children Fair Organizing Committee. Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. Investment Department Wang Xiaoyan 13013080739 January 11, 2016
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