Your frost gandhara carving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-17
Core tip: when we stand in front of the yungang grottoes outdoor Buddha, always feel Buddha looks and longmen significantly different from the Buddha, broad Yin tang, uplift the bridge of the nose with Europa racial characteristics obviously, exaggerated LiangDang we stood in front of the yungang grottoes outdoor Buddha, always feel Buddha looks and longmen significantly different from the Buddha, broad Yin tang, uplift the bridge of the nose with Europa racial characteristics obviously, to exaggerate the ears, the nasal floor one knife sliced, wide shoulder waist, body sculpture techniques such as clothes, small relative to the written form of the central plains to god sculptures also seems to be quite strange. , embodied in the yungang outdoor Buddha, it was introduced into China from your cream empire of gandhara small sculpture style, with a blood relation of Greek art. Had a profound impact on the style of Chinese buddhist statues, is the silk road opened up, one of the most notable achievements of art culture communication. Stories from the 3rd century BC young hero of Alexandria Crusades, Alexander and his legion on Macedonia, conquered the west know most of the world, and as far as the Indus valley, along the left a series of the Greek state, which is famous for its realistic Greek small sculpture is spreading to the east. In 125 b. c. , is located in the kingdom of today the Hellenization of Afghanistan buck, leah was over big the rouzhi roamed the conquest of the Hindu kush mountains. Because new land, large moon people talent declined zhangqian strike at the invitation of the xiongnu, this is what we read on the history of zhangqian first peoples. Although there are no form a union, but does not prevent after the rouzhi roamed from main use is located in the silk road, actively engaged in commerce and trade, and the rest people become important trade intermediary force on the silk road. The middle of the 1st century AD, your frost 10) unified big moon people five hou, build your empire, during the reign of caleb greasy color ng I of territory from the tajik stretches to the Caspian sea, Afghanistan, the Indus valley, powerful. Caleb greasy with your cream color ng noble faith in mahayana, build stupas, thus formed the figure of Buddha is a big demand trend. In this process, your frost artisans combined Greek, Persian, and Indian culture, Buddhism with a Greek sculpture art performance, created a character cold stately, the realistic degree is high, spiritual connotation profound buddhist statues, gradually formed in India, China, southeast Asian buddhist sculptures are far-reaching gandhara small sculpture style. It contains two main schools, one in gandhara ( Now in northern Pakistan) As the center, from the 1st century AD to the 5th century, active with more exotic ingredients such as Greek, Persian, developing small sculpture; Wax as the center, another is the horse soil it follow more Indian tradition of art. The creation of figure of Buddha is a great contribution to gandhara carving. The emergence of the early buddhist taboo figure of Buddha, so not the statues, but hinted in dharma wheel lindens, footprint, etc. Mahayana Buddhism began to allow people to prayer, influenced by Greek polytheism and the man of god with form same-sex, early shape almost by Greek statue of Buddha as template. One of the Victoria and Albert museum, in London, England the Buddha image reflected this. This statue of Buddha carved in the 2nd century to the 3rd century, talc schist and material to be painted. Like a Greek statue, slightly oval face, superciliary arches prominent, it is an organic whole repeatedly with a broad forehead long bridge of the nose, small and thin lips, and today we can see the museum, which is the German aesthetes winkelmann praises with 'great' delivery of classical Greek statue so similar. At the same time, it is a bronze buddhist sculptures, meat bun on top of a symbol of the wisdom, the brow pekoe represents the light of wisdom, it was several representative wonderful like the Buddha, techniques of gandhara artists successfully reflects the Buddha thought detached state of mind. If the field in the large statue of gandhara style, the most representative of bamiyan grottoes in central Afghanistan, there are two of the world's largest standing Buddha ( One of the biggest sitting Buddha in the world is the sichuan leshan giant Buddha) 。 Both bamiyan Buddha is located in the grottoes grottoes, the east a statue of 53 meters high, built a statue of 35 meters high on the west, the former s 1 - earlier than the latter Two centuries, the latter has reflects more loyal to the traditional Indian gandhara to soil ma la style for signs of change. Golden sway, treasure to act the role ofing haun rotten ', visible peak of the year. Time flies, two colossus has experienced one thousand years wind and frost, after entering the 21st century is to blow up completely, repair work a forlorn hope. Along with the numerous travel east cream dignitary of teaching the dharma, gandhara art also into China along the silk road. In addition to the xianbei people built the yungang grottoes is reflected on the outdoor Buddha the most clear, the other on the existing many north Korean and sui dynasty statues can find traces. After the China to Korea and Japan. Of course, in the central plains statues, in order to more in line with the aesthetic idea of Chinese believers, gandhara art has experienced a long process. In buddhist statuary in gandhara, in the male like avalokitesvara, in the central plains statues showed the trend of 'bodhisattva palace doll', the typical examples in the tang dynasty. Today when we look back to see gandhara statues, can feel the of primitive simplicity is fresh, full of different region amorous feelings, should not be forgotten in the history of buddhist images in China can not be ignored is it prime gpi-rings model significance. In the birthplace of gandhara art, expensive creams imperial decline continuously, until the 3rd century arose the sassanid Persia plateau overturned. But the story of the silk road was not interrupted, merchants envoys also ran, new buildings with small sculptures and deduces new story. . .
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