You can use toys to exercise your baby to turn over

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

Exercising the baby's turning method 1: Mom puts the baby on his back on the bed or the floor, and then the mother holds the toys that the baby usually likes to play with, try to tease the baby to catch the toys. When the baby wants to catch the toys, the mother can put the toys Put it on the baby's side, so that it can induce the baby to turn over to catch the toy. As long as the baby turns and lies on his side, the mother should give the toy to the baby to play! When the baby learns to turn sideways, the mother can put the toy farther away In places where the baby turns over to get the toy, slowly, the baby can learn to turn over. Exercise the baby to turn over Method 2: Let the baby lie on his stomach, the mother uses the toy on top of the baby to tease the baby, the baby thinks about catching the toy when he sees the toy, he will try to turn over to catch the toy, but the mother must help the baby. ! To help the baby learn to turn over more quickly, the mother can put a hand under the baby’s chest. When the baby tries to turn over, the mother also helps the baby with her hand, so that the baby turns from the prone position to the supine position. After many exercises, slowly, the mother let go, and the baby can also turn over. Exercise the baby to turn over the third method: Mom can also let the baby lie on the bed, and then gently put the baby's right leg on the left leg, this will make the baby's waist and shoulders twist naturally, often doing this will make the baby very Quickly learn to turn sideways. When the baby knows how to turn sideways, the mother can tease the baby with a toy that can make a noise in front of the baby. When the baby hears the sound, he will look for it and naturally turn the body into a supine position. According to this method, when the baby is sideways, tease him in front, the baby can quickly turn into a prone position, and slowly learn to turn over. No matter how you exercise, parents must be patient, don't rush, and there is fun in the process of teaching the baby to turn over!
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