'Yiwu Market Procurement and Export Toy Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone Construction Work Plan' released

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

Recently, under the active advocacy and promotion of the Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Yiwu Municipal Government issued the 'Work Plan for the Construction of the Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone for Exported Toys in Yiwu MarketThe district creation work was officially launched in Yiwu. It is reported that the fundamental purpose of the construction of the demonstration zone is to improve the quality of Yiwu market commodities and promote the development of market procurement trade facilitation and sustainable development.  As the Yiwu market is generally low-end and the quality of goods varies from good to bad, quite a number of exported goods have been notified or returned abroad due to quality and safety issues. The export toy industry is particularly serious. Therefore, the Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau decided to carry out the construction of a demonstration zone for the quality and safety of export toys for Yiwu market procurement, and actively cooperated with the Bureau of Commerce, the Market Supervision Administration and other relevant government management departments, shopping mall groups, toy associations and other units to purchase the quality and safety of export toys on the market. Management is a breakthrough, establish and improve a comprehensive management mechanism for the quality and safety of market-purchased export commodities, promote the formation of a good comprehensive quality management environment, safeguard the interests of legitimate operators, improve the quality and safety of market-purchased export toys, and promote the expansion of market procurement trade. This demonstration zone is oriented towards toy shops in the International Trade City. Through the establishment of a traceability mechanism centered on Yiwu Small Commodity Codes (QR Codes), a quality and safety supervision system for market purchases and export commodities based on traceability and record-keeping supervision is established. Guide, increase post-mortem traceability and handling of violations of laws and regulations, so as to transform the traditional inspection-based supervision model, improve customs clearance efficiency, and reduce export approval costs. At the same time, establish an early warning mechanism for foreign technical trade barriers to export toys, carry out special research and relevant technical regulations training, do a good job in information release and docking and sharing with the international trade early warning prevention and control system, study comprehensive countermeasures, guide and help business entities Effectively respond to foreign technical trade barriers and improve international competitiveness.   It is understood that the toy industry is the pillar industry of Yiwu’s economic development and one of the industries that reflects the characteristics of the Yiwu market. According to statistics, in 2013, Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed 6253 batches of market-purchased export toy inspections, with a value of US$110,842,100, a year-on-year increase of 34.56% and 46.81% respectively; in the first quarter of 2014, 1670 batches of inspections were completed. , The value of goods was 34,866,100 US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 96.24% and 139.07% respectively. The establishment of a demonstration zone for the quality and safety of market procurement and export toys is another bold and innovative move taken by Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau since the breakthrough of the toy's breakthrough in the inspection and export of the place of origin. Through the construction of a demonstration zone for the quality and safety of export toys for market procurement, not only can market operators’ awareness of quality and safety responsibility be raised, and the overall quality and safety level of Yiwu toys can be improved, but also enterprises can enjoy the facilitation of export trade to a greater extent.
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