Yimi newborn baby pedal piano fitness frame, educational enlightenment, cultivate children's sensory and tactile development ability

by:Ennas      2022-01-29
What toys should babies of 0-3 months buy? This problem has caused many novice moms. In the era of exquisite parenting, no young moms can afford to fall behind. In the exchange group of moms, I saw other people recommend this pedal piano fitness frame toy. Exercising the child's grasping ability can also enrich the child's sensory and tactile development, and we have quickly arranged for the child. Yimi newborn baby pedal piano fitness frame is a marine style foldable educational enlightenment toy. The fitness mat selects food contact grade safety mats, and the material is safe enough that the baby can lie naked, so that mothers can rest assured to buy for the baby , Peace of mind to accompany the baby to play. The soft light on the keys of the Yimi newborn baby pedal piano fitness frame can flicker with the change of the music melody. The light is soft and does not hurt the eyes. It can attract the baby's curiosity very well, let the child take the initiative to play and let the child Feel more fun in stepping on the piano. Yimi’s newborn baby pedal piano fitness frame and sound and light whale projector story machine can soothe the baby’s small emotions. The palm whale has a number of soothing soothing songs, lullabies, encyclopedias, Chinese studies, etc., which can be switched at will, and the volume can be adjusted. , Let you coax your baby to sleep more easily. The detailed design of Yimi's newborn baby pedal piano fitness frame testifies to the quality, the hanging ring is detachable, easy to store, blue and pink are optional, intimate companionship, cultivate the child's sensory and tactile development ability, and let the baby from 0-3 months old The growth can also be full of colors.
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