Yimi baby bath toy, cute and interesting shape, soft to the touch, a good partner for the baby to take a happy bath

by:Ennas      2022-01-29
Do babies not like to take a bath? It may be because the atmosphere of bathing your baby is too tense and not fun. For a baby who loves to play, how can you have a few cute and cute baby bathing toys to accompany you? For babies who don’t like bathing, there are a variety of cute little ducks, little turtles, little whales and other small toys to accompany them, which makes the baby more joyful when bathing, and also allows the baby to recognize small animals during the bathing process. , Do multiple things in one fell swoop, make your baby love to take a bath even more. Yimi Baby Bath Toy Fun Play is an innovative clockwork toy. It does not require electricity and can swim forward with a slight twist. The little swimming toy is full of cuteness and cuteness, allowing babies to feel fun during the bathing process. , Let the baby fall in love with the bath without crying. Yimi baby bath toys also have push-type water-spraying submarine toys. Press the bottom button lightly and the submarine will swim, and press the head of the submarine to spray water, allowing the baby to play in the bath and enjoy The joy of submarine toys makes it easier for mothers to bathe their babies. Yimi baby bath toys, a variety of toys and multiple play methods, waiting for the baby to open, add more fun to the baby's bath, so that mothers can easily deal with the baby's bath, let the baby fall in love with the bath without crying, and easily cultivate the baby's love of bathing good habits! Yimi baby bath toys are cute and colorful, which not only add fun to the baby's bathing, but also allow the baby to recognize colors and more small animals during the bathing process. It is soft to the touch and does not hurt the baby's skin. The baby is happy to bathe Good partner.
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