Yesterday morning, 'Chaoshan International Toy Shopping Mall' officially opened

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

Yesterday morning, the first phase of the international toy e-commerce industrial park built in the Airport Economic Zone of Jieyang City-the 'Chaoshan International Toy E-commerce Mall' located in the middle section of the Chaoshan Airport Road in Jieyang officially opened. According to Xie Junyu, President of Jieyang Toys Association, Chaoshan International Toys Mall, as the country's first new industrial complex with a high integration of international toys and e-commerce, is positioned as the country's first 'full support' and 'full dimension' professional toy trading platform. It will fully utilize electronic information technology for management, rely on the e-commerce business incubation center to establish two international and domestic toy network sales platforms, and use O2O online and offline integration of the new model of exhibition and sales to broaden the channels of toy product purchase, sales and experience, and help The settled enterprises can better connect the domestic and international markets. At present, there are more than 500 enterprises entering the park in the first batch. Among them, there are more than 380 in Chaoshan areas such as Jieyang and Chenghai.
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