Yangzhou spring fair 2019 national arts and crafts

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
【 This exhibition. Yangzhou is China's famous historical and cultural city, is located in the middle of jiangsu province, north of Yangtze river, south jianghuai plains, is the Shanghai economic circle and the node city of nanjing metropolitan circle. Accept south jiangsu, Shanghai and other regional economic radiation, as the forefront of development of north jiangsu to the north and the conduction zone, known as & other; Bamboo west beautiful place, huai left names & throughout; Said. Yangzhou city history to 486 b. c. , the United Nations habitat award cities, China habitat environment prize, the national environmental protection model city, harmonious management of cities in China, Chinese civilization city, forest city in China. Yangzhou is China's earlier one of the cities to develop foreign trade and international communication. As early as the tang dynasty, yangzhou enjoys & other; Merchants flood & throughout; 、“ Rich of guilin & throughout; Reputation, yangzhou business up to more than 5000 people living overseas at the time, become a famous port of maritime silk road. Yangzhou lacquer ware, yangzhou jade face upwards. Yangzhou lacquer ware originated in the warring states period, han revival, golden dynasty. The process is complete, superb techniques, unique style, renowned Chinese and foreign, is China's traditional craft. Today's yangzhou jade, fully succeed and developed the traditional fine art. Art designers design made a large number of elegant, delicate jade, cut workers artistic level is still ranked among the top frozen, products enjoy high reputation in the international market. 【 Exhibition range 】 Painting, oil painting, colored glaze, sculpture, pottery, bronze, furnishing articles, jewelry, jade, root carving, wood carving, museum collections, classical furniture, carpet, clocks, watches, instruments, lacquer, wood and. chinese, simulation plants, ceramic, and the silk embroideries, natural plant weaving, metal crafts, jewelry, purple sand art, stone, items, archaized decorations, folk arts and crafts, annatto furniture, home act the role ofing lighting, carpet, tapestry, clothing technology, folk crafts, four treasures, costume props, tourist souvenirs hotel with porcelain, crystal products, promotional gifts, albums, resin crafts, glass ware, outdoor supplies, household textile, etc.
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