Yangzhou processing the Olympic medal 'inset jades' mid-april will all completed _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-18
Core tip: this is a new international jewelry city, haven't been around in unit, was silent. 'Inset jades' processing unit of the separate a three-story building. Reporter walked into the small building. This is a new international jewelry city on the ground floor, what hasn't been around in the unit, was silent. 'Inset jades' processing unit of the separate a three-story building. Reporter walked into the small building. If the original poster exhibition hall, front desk inside the empty, with all kinds of jewelry, play and jade ornament. The workshop staff are working methodically, utterly, won't make people think of world-famous Olympic medal 'inset jades' yuhuan will was born in here. It is understood that the Beijing Olympic Games MEDALS yuhuan three thousand three hundred, each one thousand one hundred pieces of gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, including gold choice is kunlun suet white jade, silver option is kunlun green jade, bronze is kunlun jade. Because of the high material specification for raw materials of Olympic MEDALS for jade, material is very difficult. At present, have passed three hundred primary gold medal in the Olympics chosen kunlun suet white jade pieces, all to yangzhou processing, silver with the jade is in material. Kunlun jade is also called qinghai nephrite, kunlun jade jade, white jade, green jade, topaz, black jade, green jade and other varieties. Its fine texture soft, after processing, jade-like stone light warm, clean and elegant, beautiful and strong, is the international jewelry industry level of high quality gemstone that at present, a large blocks, small cracks, can be carved, perseverance, non-friable, such traits as a jade in the top grade. Although 'yangzhou worker' the advantage of the traditional manual processing, but yangzhou jade processors have more rich jade machining experience, they master fast on characteristics of materials, to grasp the accurate feed speed and Angle, and has a rich culture and jade, believe that won't waste each piece of jade. In an interview with the reporter understands, in the process of the whole processing, except a few yangzhou crafts as technical guidance, all processes are completed independently by qinghai. According to introducing, according to the organizing committee of the Olympic Games medal design requirements, each medal specifications for the outer ring of the jade used fifty seven point one mm in diameter and inner diameter eleven point nine mm, 3 mm thick. Within zero point zero five mm size error, high accuracy, breathtaking. Out of such high demand, the traditional manual control, therefore must with the aid of computer, using digital sculpture technology. 'So a small yuhuan, from material, slicing, to the final grinding, polishing, passes through more than ten working procedure. Made with computer control, in fact the most difficult, is material. 'The company relevant controller introduces, even the same piece of jade expected, the cut open after you will find that, different parts of the jade sometimes also can have difference. Yuhuan must ensure that the same color. Before carving work is all about individuality, and the Olympic yuhuan is standardized. However, there is no two identical piece of jade, the same is true of the Olympic yuhuan standardization production. Expert introduction, present even if we look to the naked eye they are the same, but in fact, each piece of jade, the inner structure and it will be different, this is the natural attribute of it, is also the spiritual. It is understood that 'inset jades' yuhuan production process is not complicated, the flexibility of the metal is very good, but jade is hard and brittle, inset jades the biggest difficulty is how to combine the two different materials. All of the process is carried out around the medal specifically, this special Mosaic method, whether it is a jade processing, or processing of gold and silver, is never had a kind of machining method, need many tricks and techniques, the technique is classified, and for the mechanic is quite strict management, put an end to any outflow of information. In an interview with reporters can only at a distance, watching, staff told to the manufacturing site must not enter. According to relevant personage, to produce an Olympic medal yuhuan, cut a total of more than ten tons of jade coarse material, because the required colour and lustre is uniform, even a little impurity. Kunlun jade products industrial co. , LTD. , yangzhou jade carving workers are processing yuhuan day and night. Processing workshop in full seal, the Beijing organizing committee dedicated to send, supervision of yuhuan processing progress, and to record every piece of jade processing, in order to prevent the jade raw material outflow. Organizing committee in accordance with the 'silver copper, Kim, and then' production work plan, January 14, the one thousand one hundred Beijing Olympic Games bronze medal choose sapphire yuhuan delivery Shanghai mint began to set, through primary gold medal in the Olympics of three hundred kunlun suet white jade piece is processed, the silver medal with the jade is in material, jade expected soon will be on jan, three thousand three hundred pieces of yuhuan processing will be completed before the middle of April, and then Shanghai system c factory manufacturing complete set with the gold, silver and bronze MEDALS.
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