Yangzhou plush toys missed the World Winter Olympics Cup

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

Yangzhou is the capital of plush toys. There are more than a thousand toy companies. In the past, plush toy mascots 'Made in Yangzhou' frequently appeared in major international sports events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Seeing 'Made in Yangzhou' in international competitions, this year is even missed the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics and the Brazil World Cup. Yangzhou Toys missed the World Winter Olympics Cup. 'Sochi Winter Olympics mascot 'Snow Leopard, Polar Bear and Rabbit' and Brazil World Cup mascot three-color armadillo doll orders were obtained by Anhui Tianchang Toys, which made Yangzhou adjacent to Tianchang Where is your face?' said an industry insider who did not want to be named. 'In fact, Yangzhou is not incapable of accepting orders for mascots for large-scale events.' According to industry insiders, as early as 2002, the Athens Olympic mascots Athena and Phoevos dolls were partly 'Made in Yangzhou'; in 2006, Yangzhou toy company Once again won the order for 100,000 German World Cup mascot 'Gleo VI'; in the same year, the part of the mascot 'Fuwa' for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was also produced by a toy company in Yangzhou. The 2012 London Olympics mascot was successfully bid by a toy company in Yancheng. Since then, it has been difficult to see the 'Made in Yangzhou' figure in large-scale international sports events. Yangzhou enterprises are unwilling to “make money at a loss” and “orders for mascots for large-scale competitions are just superficial and do not bring more profits to the enterprise.” According to reports, many orders for World Cup mascots and Olympic mascots are “losing money to earn money”. 'Yeah'Tianchang was able to win the orders for two large-scale event mascots in one go. I think one of the main reasons is the low wages of personnel.' According to this person, with rising wages of personnel and higher prices of raw materials, profits have become more or less accepted by enterprises. The first consideration is that the profit is too low and it is better not to accept it. The person in charge of a foreign trade export company in the urban area said that the gross profit margin of general toy companies in foreign trade exports should be maintained at 10%-20%, while the order for mascots of large-scale competitions is less than 10%. 'Not only is profit low, but also very demanding, which discourages many Yangzhou companies.' Breaking the predicament: innovation + independent research and development 'The production of plush toys has gradually shifted to Anhui and northern Jiangsu. How can Yangzhou companies break this predicament? It is worth thinking about in the industry.” According to the above-mentioned sources, Tianchang's toy workers' salary is 10% to 15% lower than that in Yangzhou, which makes the profit margin for companies there to receive orders a little bit more. However, he believes that Tianchang's ability to get this order is also entirely due to its unique location close to Yangzhou. 'Almost all of Tianchang's raw materials are purchased from Yangzhou.' 'Only by upgrading'Made in Yangzhou' to'Created in Yangzhou' and continuous innovation, can we break this status quo.' According to the introduction, 'Introduction of self-developed plush toy products. The profit value can be increased a lot.'
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