Yangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau takes the lead in realizing the whole process of export toy inspection paperless in the country

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

China Jiangsu Net, February 7th. Recently, Yangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau took the lead in realizing the whole process of export toy inspection paperless, further promoting trade facilitation. “In the past, it was necessary to bring a lot of materials and go back and forth between the company and the inspection and quarantine bureau several times to complete the work. Now it can be completed with just a click of the mouse in the office.” said the person in charge of a toy company in Yangzhou. According to reports, the whole process of paperless is the use of information technology such as the Internet and mobile communications to change the traditional paper-based media circulation and transmission, and realize the acceptance of inspection, inspection and quarantine, certificate release and other links and the entire process of data through information exchange and communication. Transmission of electronic work. The work cycle of traditional inspection and quarantine methods takes 1-2 days, and the entire paperless inspection and quarantine work cycle takes only 10 minutes, which greatly shortens the inspection and visa cycle, improves work efficiency, and paves the 'highway' for the export of Yangzhou enterprises. , It also opened up a new way for the whole process of the national system of export toy inspection to be paperless.
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