Yangshao culture perfect testimony of coloured pottery: _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-20
Core tip: shanxi museum treasures of argillaceous red TaoCai POTS, at first glance, is black and white, however, it is about 6000 years ago this color POTS for the legend of the era of 'Chinese' the outline of a clear one of shanxi museum treasures argillaceous red TaoCai POTS, at first glance, is black and white, however, it is about 6000 years ago this color POTS for the legend of the era of 'Chinese' the outline of a relatively clear outline, let more and more clear, the coordinates of civilization shows the southern shanxi really is Chinese nation and the cradle of Chinese civilization. Nationally, such a classic yangshao culture complete device is rare, so this has nothing to damage the unearthed pottery is treasured. Fine grain exactly by whom? It represents what meaning? National rare full color POTS of shanxi museum 'the cradle of civilization' center exhibition hall 1 compartment is a national treasure - — — Muddy red TaoCai POTS. The neo-lithic age of pottery unearthed in 1988 in JinYu junction of the north shore of the Yellow River, shanxi ruicheng Jin Shengzhuang. Before, during and after the 10000 - year - old humans entered the neolithic age. Invention of pottery and polished stone tools, build houses, business activities such as agriculture, become an important symbol of human from paleolithic to neolithic. This time, people started to settle clan commune life, aesthetic consciousness, accelerated the pace towards civilization. This color pottery is the Yellow River neolithic yangshao culture remains, Lao it 45. 8 cm, diameter of 35. 5 cm, the bottom diameter of 15. 5 cm, red clay shale, jar is bigger, the mouth along the outer fold, the abdomen oblique, small flat. Color POTS painted black on the surface of a combination of straight line and curve triangle grain, grain structure design is clever, clean lines smooth, full of movement and rhythm. Across the country, so the classic yangshao culture is rare, complete this no broken pottery unearthed becomes more precious. About the yangshao culture. 6000 years ago, the Yellow River middle reaches area of active the splendid culture - — — Yangshao culture. Yangshao culture is the biggest influence in the Yellow River is a primitive culture, its vertical and horizontal two thousands of miles, thousands of years, in the world is second to none. Yangshao culture is mainly distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River area, southwest of weihe basin in shaanxi, shanxi and henan in the west of the strip as the center, east to central hebei province, south of hanjiang river shelter-forest, the west and China's gansu province river basin, north arrived in hetao area of Inner Mongolia. Has unearthed nearly cultural sites, the unearthed relics are reflect a unified cultural characteristics. Today in China has thousands of yangshao culture sites, including shaanxi province the most, is the center of the yangshao culture. The name of the yangshao culture derived from the first site - — — Sanmenxia city in henan province such as the yangshao village. Yangshao culture of China about fifty-six thousand years ago, when the pottery predominantly red pottery, grey pottery, black pottery. Red clay fine red clay mud and sand inclusion red ceramic two kinds. The main raw material is clay, some also doped with a small amount of sand. In yangshao pottery, clay pottery has a unique shape, the surface of the red, polishing way, and a beautiful pattern, is the most famous at the time. Silty clay reflected pottery making craft level at the time, has certain representativeness, so often called yangshao culture painted pottery on the archaeological culture. 'Flower' and 'China' origin of han Chinese, first from the Yellow River basin, and a lot of archaeological finds in yangshao culture sites, such as pottery manufacturing, textile, garment, painting small sculptures, words, calendar, palace construction, etc. , with yan emperor in the literature fits with the invention of the yellow emperor era. Planting economic dominate in yangshao is enclosed within the walls of life, the petals of plant material grain is widely used in pottery decoration this six thousand - year history of painted pottery decoration by dot, line, such as geometry, vortex lines composition design, they are like gorgeous open flowers as beautiful, is typical of the painted pottery of yangshao culture period. Pattern most use uniform circular segmentation, put the flowers in upper and lower parallel split into several parts. The most widely used is made up of straight line and curve curved edge triangle lines, it is abstract decorative plants petals. The grain or relative, or single or continuous, design is highly summarized, and the effect of flexible, strong dynamic, rhythm, connection, everything changes. Because the flowers 'flower' and the 'China' homophonic, some experts pointed out that these splendid flowers is the 'China' origin of the Chinese nation.
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