Xuzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a special rectification of the toy market

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

New Year is approaching, a large number of holiday toys and models flood the market, and the quality of products varies. The reporter recently learned from the Xuzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce: In order to prevent substandard toy products from causing harm to consumers, the Xuzhou Jiawang Administration for Industry and Commerce has carried out a special rectification action on the wholesale market of children's toys. Up to now, the bureau has conducted strict inspections on 4 large shopping malls, supermarkets, and more than 30 toy dealers, investigated and banned 3 unlicensed businesses, issued 6 “Notices for Ordering Rectification” within a time limit, and seized 14 suspected counterfeit and shoddy toys. , 3 high-simulation toy pistols, 8 pornographic and vulgar toys, effectively purifying the children's toy wholesale market. This action focused on cracking down on counterfeit and shoddy toy products, combined with market inspections on New Year’s Day, focusing on inspections on markets where toy operators are relatively concentrated, urban and rural areas, rural bazaars, and small shops and stalls around schools. Check whether the main qualifications of the owner, the supply and marketing channels are legal, whether the toy product is marked with the manufacturer, production date, precautions and product quality certification, etc., conduct careful inspections, and on-site supervise and urge business operators to implement the purchase and sales documentation system and the certificate and ticket request system. At the same time, strengthen the management of licenses and licenses of business entities, and resolutely ban unlicensed operations; those who operate beyond the scope are ordered to stop operations and be punished in accordance with the law; unhealthy toys such as pornography, violence, and terrorism are confiscated on the spot, and A 'Notice of Ordering Rectification' was issued, and the rectification should be carried out within a time limit. Strictly control the activities involving the production and sale of toys in the business scope of the parties applying for registration of establishment or change of registration.
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