Xue Guo, a post-80s teacher who teaches with toys as a case

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

The podium talked endlessly, and from time to time they brought out pieces of novel toys. There is such a teacher in the Business School of Hubei University of Technology. He has more than 4,000 toys. He runs a toy museum in the school. He often uses toys as examples for teaching. He also teaches students through his own toy design studio. Provide a platform for practice. He is Xue Guo, a post-80s teacher at the School of Art and Media.   Yesterday, the reporter met Xue Guo at the college. The dark red coat and black slacks make people think he is fashionable and handsome. No wonder many students regard him as the 'male god' in their hearts.   He took the reporter to visit the Toy Museum. In a 60-square-meter room in the art building of the school, there are more than 700 toys, including Transformers, Iron Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc... Another function of this museum is a toy design studio. In addition to placing toys, it is equipped with computers and 3D printers. Xue Guo often arranges students to practice operations here. Speaking of this museum with studio functions, Xue Guo said: 'Although it is not big, it can be regarded as the first toy museum in a domestic university. It was completed at the end of last month. I haven't moved all the collections over yet. It is one-sixth, and the scale should be further expanded in the future.” Although he loves collecting toys and often participates in some social exhibitions after class, Xue Guo is not sloppy in teaching and he is extremely strict. He said with a smile: 'I usually have very high class requirements, students dare not be late, let alone someone'skip'.'    Despite this, the students like his class. 2012 product design student Zhang Facui said: 'Ms. Xue is teaching the course of 'Product Design Procedures and Methods'. He will talk to us about theoretical knowledge in conjunction with toys, and sometimes even analyze the structure and design of toy boxes. It’s no longer boring and everyone listens with gusto.” In addition to the lively and interesting classroom teaching, Xue Guo has also put a lot of effort into student practice. As early as 2013, Xue Guo set up a toy design studio, the purpose of which is to provide students with a practical operation platform. He said: 'This studio is more like a training base, where students can learn design. Through learning, they can understand the entire product design process, including design plan formulation, design composition, market analysis, etc.'    currently, The studio is rushing to produce 5 doll toys, which are an order from Inner Mongolia TV's Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Goat. At the end of last year, the film crew approached Xue Guo through WeChat, hoping that they could make 5 cartoon sheep-shaped puppets for one of the ventriloquism programs. Xue Guo believes that this is a good practical opportunity for students to exercise. The studio quickly completed the design drawings and was well received by the program group.   In the toy design studio, the design works of the students have matured a lot, and Xue Guo himself has completed the compilation of his first textbook through exploration. In June last year, the textbook 'Ergonomics' edited by him was listed as the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' textbook for colleges and universities.   As the director of the product design teaching and research section, under the leadership of Xue Guo, the product design major of the school was listed as a pilot project of 'Professional Comprehensive Reform' by the Provincial Department of Education.   Xue Guo said: “It is a great blessing to be able to combine hobbies with work. I will definitely work hard in this direction in the future, increase collections, and study product design teaching, so that more students can benefit from my teaching.”
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