Xu Zhongxin's honest management creates the golden sign of the enterprise

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

——Remember Xu Zhongxin, Chairman and General Manager of Jiabao Toys (Group) in Anhui Province. Xu Zhongxin has been engaged in the toy industry for more than 20 years and dreams of allowing children around the world to own Chinese toys. Now, the dream of going abroad is finally realized. Its products are exported to the five continents of the world, and it has been recognized by the China Toy Association as one of the backbone enterprises with a certain leading position in the production and sales of the toy industry. Its 'JOLLYBEAR' brand toys were rated as 'Famous Brand Products in Anhui ProvinceIntegrity management has created the company's golden name. Xu Zhongxin, who is currently the chairman and general manager of Anhui Jiabao Toys (Group) Co., Ltd., believes that China is the world's largest producer of toys, but there is currently no Chinese toy that is well-known in the international market. brand. How to allow Chinese toys, especially Chinese toy brands to enter the international toy market and upstream of the industrial chain, is a long-term topic that China's toy industry has explored, and it is also a problem that Xu Zhongxin has been thinking about. Someone asked him the secret of a successful business. He only said four words: 'Honesty and trustworthiness.' In Jiabao Group, there are 'three guarantees' regulations that almost every employee can learn by heart. The first is not to compromise on product quality, and the quality of the company's order commitment must be guaranteed; the second is to not compromise on the delivery time, and the time promised by the customer for ordering must be guaranteed; the third is to not compromise on debt repayment , Any time for the payment of funds from the material supplier must be guaranteed. Last fall, a batch of toy products sold to the United States were being loaded into containers at the Shanghai port, but due to a customer's mistake, an English letter on the provided label had an error and needed to be corrected immediately. what to do? If the product is not shipped, it will not be in time for the product to be put on the shelf. Although the Jiabao Group is not responsible for the delivery, it will definitely affect the customer. In this case, Xu Zhongxin arranged for employees to take a bus to Shanghai overnight to change the label, and then arranged air transportation, and finally delivered the product within the specified time. For this reason, the company paid hundreds of thousands of yuan in transportation fees. Some colleagues laughed at him as stupid, but he had his own ideas. He said: 'The society needs harmony and the enterprise needs to develop. You can't just think about making money yourself, you must take into account the interests of others. When the other party chooses to do business with us, we naturally want to do things well, and I believe that good intentions will be rewarded. 'The American customers who learned of the situation are very grateful and have established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Jiabao Group. It is also by virtue of honesty and trustworthiness that Jiabao Group can make all the humble little toys cross the ocean and put them on the shelves of many top retailers in the world.  Industrial innovation paves the way forward. Survive or perish? Under the fierce market competition, companies will always face the harsh 'Hamlet question'. Innovation is undoubtedly the only way out. In the use of modern technology to transform traditional industries, Jiabao Group has three main positions: First, it promotes the modernization of management by informatization, fully implements the ERP management system, realizes the efficiency of financial information, improves logistics speed, reduces operating costs, and improves overall benefit. The second is to actively apply new materials, new equipment, new processes, and new technologies to comprehensively improve product quality, to be in line with the international advanced level, and to lay the foundation for the internationalization of the market. The third is to insist on independent innovation in the research and development of new products, and participate in market competition with the advantage of 'people do not have what we have'. Today, Jiabao Group has more than 20 utility model patents. The launched 'MagicDog' electric plush dog series toys and Dobby Bear series toys have been put on shelves in major domestic cities, and have entered more than 200 Kaku flagship stores. In the development of animation derivative products, Jiabao Group has successively produced the characters in the popular CCTV cartoon 'Black Face Big Bao Gong'-'Bao Gong' series of intelligent voice interactive dialogue toys, 'Mung Bean Frog' animation series toys,' 'Bear infested' character image intelligent voice toy. When it comes to the combination of toys and animation, Xu Zhongxin believes, 'On the whole, we still use animation products to serve our industry. In the future, when our content has settled to a certain extent, we can shoot related animations. Films, publishing animation magazines, etc., open up the entire animation industry chain, and follow the cultural industrialization business model. From simple toy manufacturing, it gradually extends to the animation industry, baby products and other broader fields, increasing its added value, starting from 'selling products' Gradually upgrade to'selling culture'.'    Help the poor and rescue the poor bravely assume social responsibilities Xu Zhongxin believes that not only must strive to make his own business bigger and stronger, but also understand the people’s sentiments and opinions, and look for issues that the people care about. He always pays attention to it. Care for the disadvantaged groups in society. Every Spring Festival, we visit and sympathize with poor families and let them celebrate the Spring Festival. He always cared about out-of-school children and poor students, took the initiative to contact the County Chengguan Primary School and sent nearly 30,000 yuan of school supplies to 20 extremely poor primary school students; and sent nearly 80,000 yuan worth of blankets to nearly 100 students in Feidong County Special Education School. ; Donated toys worth 40,000 yuan to Hefei Children's Welfare Institute. He actively carried out disaster relief donations. In 2008, he donated 100,000 yuan to the disaster-stricken people in Wenchuan disaster area; in 2010, he donated cash and goods worth 150,000 yuan to Yushu and Zhouqu disaster areas. On another occasion, when Xu Zhongxin participated in a toy exhibition, he learned that the organizer was organizing a 'Happy Sharing' toy donation activity for the Beijing Women’s Federation and the Beijing Women’s and Children’s Development Foundation. He responded enthusiastically and actively participated in the donation. Ten thousand yuan toys. Since starting his business, he has donated more than 5 million yuan to the society.
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