Xinyi Hongbao Toys Co., Ltd. settled in CTE China Toy Fair 365 Cloud Exhibition

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
In order to help the supply and demand parties to connect in real time, the organizer of the CTE China Toy Fair, China Game Association, integrates industry resources and builds an online 365 cloud exhibition platform to realize multi-party online cooperation and negotiation between gardens, distributors, and early childhood education manufacturers. This issue introduces you to Xinyi Hongbao Toys Co., Ltd., a company that stayed at the 365 Cloud Expo. The company was established in 2010 and is located in Xinyi City in the north of Jiangsu Province, close to Lianyungang. The company mainly designs, produces and sells panda series toys, clothing and various plush toy keychain accessories. The company currently has three independent brands: hongbao, panda star and duminjun. The company adheres to the development philosophy of quality wins, adopts high-end production lines and strict quality supervision processes. The product quality is in line with the international peer certification level. Check out the exhibits at the 365 Cloud Fair. MINI doll keychain Mini sleeping doll, 26 colors of fox fur, 15CM size, exquisite handwork, great gifts! Mainly sold to European and American markets. Welcome! Children's hats, scarves, scarfs, children's hats, scarves, foreign trade small order spot customization, Captain America, the protagonist of Captain America, Steve Rogers, Steven Rogers, Iron Man Iron man, the perfect display of Chinese elements in the panda world in the eyes of Thor children and the heroes of American drama ! Explosion! Scan the QR code below for more details (to view exhibitor details, please click)
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