'Xingyi rhyme' in the 2015 British painting figurines exhibition opening in Beijing

by:Ennas      2020-06-03
Core tip: opening ceremony on November 16, 2015, sponsored by the British froude fort lauderdale arts and education center, the door of the museum of art to undertake 'xingyi rhyme - Peter gallagher savol/Mr. Zhang in 2015 opening ceremony on November 16, 2015, sponsored by the British froude fort lauderdale arts and education center, the door of the museum of art to undertake 'xingyi rhyme - Peter gallagher/savol/Mr. Zhang 2015 Sino-British figurines famous paintings exhibition 'at the museum of Beijing the door. Exhibition opening ceremony with 'xingyi rhyme' as the theme, as the oil painting creation and growth rhythm, and small sculpture art fusion exhibited Mr Peter gallagher, Mr Zhang xudong about 51 works and Mr Savol figurine works 18. Peter gallagher was born in Ireland in 1956, Sir, have a passion for art and performance since childhood. Since 1997, Mr Gallagher service in the British lauder fort lauderdale arts and education center in recent 20 years, fiction, and contributions to Britain and Brazil the art of communication between the two countries. Since 1990, Mr Gallagher's one-man show or group show almost never interrupt, footsteps throughout London, Oxford, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and many other famous art museum. Peter gallagher the man holding the vase Peter gallagher of the woman to smoke a pipe Peter gallagher 'proposal' Peter gallagher portrait of a woman's ', Mr Zhang xudong, a prominent Chinese painter, in 1996, graduated from tianjin academy. 2005 - In 2007 at the central academy of fine arts graduate program of oil painting, associate professor, department of central academy of drama stage, an associate professor. Mr. Zhang has done extremely in the field of representational realism oil painting. Mr Zhang in creative efforts based on spiritual feeling modelling consciousness, temper language, pay attention to the aesthetic and spiritual character of oil painting language, explore the representational realism oil painting of abstract factors produced by the spiritual power. Rational feelings of nature and society, give sincere to each work. Zhang xudong zhang xudong in portrait of the lady in red 'Mr. Zhang' Qingdao Catholic church 'Mr. Zhang' Qingdao overlook savol Sir, a prominent Chinese figurines, born in 1964, in 1985 graduated from hebei figurines professional arts and crafts school, department of China central academy of fine arts in 1998 small statue major graduate program. Currently he is member of Chinese figurines to committee members, the Chinese arts and crafts society figurine. Mr Savol with the sensibilities and imagination in its nature, just rely on thin folk nourishing to achieve the artistic achievement of today. Plain Mr Zhang work in their own life experience as the foundation, with pure and fresh, lively, and beautiful style, with full of make public, big flow lines to illuminate the artist already have his share of the good feelings in my heart. The viewer can fully reach Mr Savol hope shape and convey the upward, forward, runs out to their target visual imagery. Savol savol 'movement' 'water lotus' savol 'listening' savol 'shui mu nian hua' the exhibition curator chongqing woman is introduced to Chen: this exhibition is only very limited, the art of the three artists from the oil painting lovers and artists studios. 'Xingyi rhyme', hope everybody the viewer can in the limited space and time, through the different works, with our dialogue on a different artists. Also looking forward to this show for anglo-chinese slightly render what cultural exchanges. Art without borders. The exhibition for 15 days, ended on 30 November. Another will be held on November 28, 2015, 18 PM and exhibition of Chinese and foreign artists exchange VIP thanks banquet.
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