Xiamen Dongdu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau detects the first batch of unqualified imported toys this year

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Taihai.com (microblogging) April 20th. Xiamen Dongdu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau detected the first batch of unqualified imported toys this year. The batch of toys are wooden toys for early education, totaling 1,712 sets, with a value of 3,394.08 US dollars. After inspection, the inner film bag of the ring toy did not meet the requirement of an average thickness of 0.038 mm specified in the National Toy Safety Technical Specification; the mini plunger toy did not indicate the applicable age group and the small parts warning label; six shapes and six colors Toys were also found to have no warning signs for small parts and the thickness of the film bag did not meet the standard.   Dongdu Bureau notified the importer of the unqualified status in time, interpreted the relevant content of the toy national standard in a targeted manner, and guided the company to make rectifications in a timely manner. At present, the batch of early education toys has been rectified and qualified and put into use. With the continuous improvement of living standards, many parents will send their children to early education institutions or buy various early education toys. They do not know that unqualified early education toys may cause great harm to children: small parts and film bags may cause children to suffocate. Risks, toys that are not suitable for the age group may cause mechanical and physical damage to the child, etc.
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