Wuxi figurines 2013 works invitational exhibition in bukchang door opening on August 9th

by:Ennas      2020-06-23
Core clew: by the federation of literature and art, in wuxi city, jiangsu province artist association figurines writer, in wuxi city artists association, wuxi bukchang life art centre to undertake the 'wuxi figurines 2013 by the federation of literature and art, in wuxi city, jiangsu province artist association figurines writer, in wuxi city artists association, wuxi bukchang life art center to undertake' wuxi figurines 2013 art invitational exhibition 'in 2013, August 9 to August 15th in wuxi bukchang life art center. Opening a cordial exchange bukchang Yang Fuliang deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department and the artist life art center to support small sculpture art, in October 2010, held 'plastic mud casting the soul - — Wuxi first small sculpture exhibition ', 'held in December 2012, and while its raw - — Figurines home works invitational exhibition in jiangsu province. Continuous holding a high standard of high levels of small sculpture exhibition in jiangsu cities for the first time, undoubtedly in jiangsu wuxi figurine figurines creations in exhibitions and academic research at the forefront. Wuxi figurines in nearly 20 years of the national art important art activities such as the selected winning results obtained. Wuxi figurines fill the gap in terms of the figurine art works, publishing the plastic mud casting the soul - — Wuxi first statuettes show '( Fluctuate of) , and while its life - — Jiangsu figurines home directory ', including the forthcoming 'small statue bukchang door'. Wuxi figurines has become important in the field of jiangsu fine arts creation group his strength, be the highlight of wuxi art creation. Recently held in Shanghai Oriental grand palace 'splendid China - — National excellent art exhibition 'high standard level in the art, the three pieces of wuxi in jiangsu figurine of the two. Wuxi figurines home Zhou Acheng two bronze statue of a small 'lucky one', 'heirloom' important blocks placed in shenzhen won widespread praise. Chen Gang figurines 'harmonic qu' in the fourth session of Beijing international art biennale and collection, Zhou Acheng figurines 'all the way walk good' by the 10th national art bronze and collected by national art museum of China, rotors of a small statue of the 9th national arts exhibition 'hope' won silver award ( The full prize void) Figurine art space model is the form of language and form unique aesthetic feeling more and more people feel appreciated and attention. In the traditional art of painting type concept, is the traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, figurines to sort, less chance figurine art is art creation field exhibition, cycle is long, also need to pay more physical labor in order to complete the forms of art creation. However is a thankless edge type in many eyes, there is a group consciousness away from worldly hustle and bustle, willing to please the poor lonely, adhere to the working of wuxi figurines. Wuxi figurine with deep development of long history and rich deposits, and walked out of wuxi famous statuette Qian Shaowu, be going to school in wuxi huishan hand knead artist wu chuan's famous statuette home, early graduated from China academy to force in wuxi Qian Jianhua figurines home, in the teaching of art and dead LiuJiaKui of arts and crafts master of China, embodies the historical continuity of wuxi figurines and geographical advantages. Stands from Ann temple square two springs month Qian Shaowu bronze statue of a small 'two springs month', wu culture creation of wuxi garden 'our garden' celebrity figurines, yixing Long Jishan small statues of forest park, the domestic famous theme park, wuxi figurines are becoming the regional advantage of wuxi city culture and art development, resource's cultural card. Wuxi city government has always been to wuxi figurines home support more literary group, wuxi federation has traditionally been the wuxi figurines as important creative exhibition work in the field of art creation. Wuxi figurines, created group unremitting hard work, in the domestic figurines and jiangsu fine arts get fully affirmed and academic influence. Wuxi figurines embodies a kind of enterprising spirit of art, embodies a kind of artistic creation and responsibility. In the invitational exhibition exhibition 10 young figurines Zhou Acheng, Chen Gang, big bug, small talk, jian-jin li, gu 赕, zhang, kunlun, in, rotors, zhao is the outstanding representative in the literary group wuxi figurines, they each has its artistic personality and a small statue of language form style work represents the style and feature of wuxi figurine. Achievement belongs to the past, wuxi figurines has achieved as starting point and high, in the figurines creative exploration practice will surely make greater achievements, to create 'wuxi figurines' wuxi art creation business card.
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