Wuhu baby market will change at the end of August

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

—The Pearl of Anhui River and the City of Innovation will welcome the 3rd Anhui Baby u0026 Child Fair on August 28 (Autumn) Ordering Fair' will be held in Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 28-29, 2013. Anhui Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition has been successfully held in Hefei Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center for two sessions, with unprecedented scale, complete varieties and full of popularity. Recruiting exhibitions and investment is pioneering and innovative, honest and pragmatic, and builds a solid bridge for trade exchanges and mutual learning between enterprises and traders. This exhibition is co-sponsored by Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Wuhu Trade Promotion Committee. It aims to implement a more comprehensive and favorable audience organization policy and promote the faster and stronger development of Anhui's pregnant, infant and child market. “The 3rd Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition is scheduled to be held in Wuhu. We are not on a whim, but to conduct a thorough investigation of companies and distributors in 16 cities in Anhui Province on the host city, ordering time, ordering channels, and exhibition activities. Not only the pregnant and infant market, but also the city’s convention and exhibition acceptance capacity, exhibition venues, etc. After continuous analysis and research, it is finally finalized to cooperate with Wuhu City Council for the Promotion of International Trade to jointly promote the development of Anhui’s pregnant, infant and child marketMr. Li from the committee introduced to us. As everyone knows, Wuhu is the second largest city in Anhui Province, an economic, cultural, transportation, and political sub-center city in Anhui Province. It is also the core city of the Wanjiang Urban Belt Demonstration Zone for undertaking industrial transfer. It has rich products, convenient transportation and superior geographical location. , Is the best choice for the venue of the 3rd Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition. At the same time, the pregnant and infant market in Wuhu City also has its own characteristics. The baby and child stores are concentrated and mainly franchise, such as Parent-child Home, Aiyingjin Cradle, Beibeijia, Yuertang, etc., storefronts in Wuhu City It is densely covered, almost covering the entire city, and the market prospects are great. The first occupation of the market will bring more profits to businesses. In the counties of Wuhu, although the market development model is the same as that of Dajing in Wuhu, the development intensity is far less than that of the urban area, and more development is needed. The editor learned from the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition yesterday that the new 'VIP Visitor Registration Formhou launched a new round of market visits to make adequate preparations for the Anhui Autumn Pregnancy, Infant and Child Order Fair. In addition, as of the editor’s press release, 36 companies including Yibang, Golden Cradle, Red Star, Yingshubao, Daddy Baby, Hefei Villeroy, Xingyu, Yiyi Dairy, Youerjia, and Good Mom have signed up for the exhibition. The organizer once again thanks the brands for their support and attention to the '3rd Central China • Anhui Pregnancy and Infant Products Exhibition and Anhui (Autumn) Order Fair for Pregnancy, Infant and Child Industry'.
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