Wuhan Better Le Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. invites you to visit the 2018 Wuhan Preschool Education Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-11-18

Abstract: The '2018 Second China (Wuhan) International Preschool Education Industry Expo' (referred to as PEE) is scheduled to be held in Wuhan International Expo Center, China from July 6th to 8th, 2018. This year's expo is expected to have an exhibition area of u200bu200b30,000 square meters, and the displayed products cover domestic and foreign famous preschool education products, preschool education facilities, educational institutions, equipment, and toys. PEE is a platform for building industry information exchanges and helping domestic and foreign companies to explore emerging markets, bringing new opportunities for the development of the preschool education industry in Central China. (1) Recommended by exhibitors. Exhibitor: Wuhan Better Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Booth No.: A1-310 (2) Company Profile Wuhan Better Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (189-7117-4660) A modern enterprise integrating after-sales service. Main business: Wuhan kindergarten slide, Wuhan kindergarten toy wholesale, kindergarten slide quotation, various large engineering plastic slides, glass steel slides, indoor slides; various toys, outdoor large slides, physical equipment; various kindergarten indoor supporting facilities, Corner furniture cabinets, children's tables, toddler chairs, children's plastic beds, toy racks, combined toy cabinets, cup holders, towel racks, Montessori teaching aids, sensory integration training teaching aids, Orff instruments, etc.; sports playground EPDM playground , Fitness equipment, indoor professional children's elastic floor, garden facilities, etc. (3) Product highlights Which corner furniture for children's corner in Wuhan will be more expensive? Regarding children's corner furniture, these keywords are the most important: environmental protection, design, and durability. Key word for children's furniture: environmental protection As children grow up every day, traditional children's furniture needs to be constantly updated just like children's clothing. Therefore, many kindergartens still compare with children's health problems when considering the long-term use. Key words of children's furniture 2: design The design of children's furniture is always more novel than other furniture designs. Compared with ordinary furniture, it has higher requirements in terms of production technology, safety and environmental protection. The production scale of children's furniture must fully consider the children's physical and psychological needs, and reduce the design of sharp corners and cavities. Now when parents choose furniture for their children, in addition to environmental protection, it depends on its appearance, whether it is suitable for the child, and whether it is in line with the child's preferences. After all, the design must have inherent practicality in addition to the first sense. Key word three of children's furniture: durable Children are a special group, they will not follow the rules, so they will often hold a table to play, sit on a chair and shake, so that the furniture is also loose. There are also kindergarten tables, chairs and beds that move every day, so choosing durable furniture will also save the kindergarten a lot of time, energy and safety hazards. So now kindergartens still have to compare materials, workmanship and design. For this kind of long-term use, it is best to choose durable ones. (4) Site case The company can make planning and design plans based on the kindergarten site. The company's products are exported to Europe and the United States, with professional production bases, modern production plants, first-class Ru0026D team, and product sales in major provinces and cities across the country. The company's quality policy is: people-oriented, pursuit of excellence, pioneering and innovative, casting brand, customer satisfaction as the purpose, and return to the society as the purpose. Follow the promise of 'high quality, keeping promises, and good service' to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services. The scale of the enterprise continues to grow, and the products are striding forward to the structure of 'high, new and special'. We will work hard and sincerely cooperate with people of insight from all walks of life, especially the majority of kindergarten friends. Make due contributions to the development of fitness activities for the people and the healthy growth of children! The 2nd China (Wuhan) International Preschool Education Industry Expo 2018 welcomes you to visit and negotiate! Time: July 6-8, 2018 Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang) Exhibitor/Visit Consultation: He Hongxia 15871451925 (same number on WeChat) Website: www.zgpee.com
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