WowWee launches new plush toys, which factory produces it?

by:Ennas      2022-01-27
WowWee, Nickelodeon and Pinkfong launched a series of new toys inspired by the baby shark show on Amazon Gold Membership Day! Baby Shark Show! Toys provide exclusive items for every fan of shark taste. The series includes the original Song Cube and 8 brand new Song Cubes, which contain fan favorite characters that kids can squeeze and stack. When taking a bath, children can wander around with the new Bath Squirts. If preschoolers are still learning A-B-Seas, they can use pre-installed educational games on interactive tablets or mini tablets to practice. Reversible plush toys are very suitable for children who like imaginative games. The plush toy is two in one: the little shark becomes a super shark, and William becomes the kelp captain. They are even equipped with wearable masks or belt accessories so that children can save the day with their favorite Carnivore Cove superhero. To complete the series, please use the Sea Jam microphone to sing with Baby Shark and all his friends. With three voice filters, children will like to say their favorite songs aloud from the show. WowWee’s Baby Shark Show will start on June 21, and toys can be pre-ordered on Amazon.
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