Wooden balls with beaded threading to benefit intelligence and brain building blocks toys suitable for 1-2 years old baby toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
Nowadays, when parents choose toys for their children, the first choice is puzzles! In response to market needs, the wooden ball toy brand has created a series of educational toys that can meet the needs of 1-2 year olds. I wonder if it can be in the eyes of parents? The wooden balls are threaded to benefit the mind and the round surface of the brain-inspiring building block toy. Each piece of fine material is carefully selected, smooth and burr-free, so as to avoid harm to the baby. Grasping perception, can't put it down, early education puzzles, entertaining with fun, hands-on ability, concentration training, etc., and can also exercise color cognition. Beading game to recognize things, complete the rope movement, select the blocks you like, and guide your baby's hands through the blocks. Variety of styling Chi Fun Plus creative assembling a new experience, which can be stringed into small bracelets, hair accessories and other wearables to make babies more creative. Learning Cognitive Numbers Learning Cognitive Numbers 0-9 combined with number symbols to perform simple mathematical operations. Fun styling, learning and fun 26 letters, play and learn the shape of the letters quickly. The baby learns to recognize quickly during play. Various shapes and improved cognitive ability can allow babies to get to know the surrounding small animals and marine life, vehicles, vegetables, fruits, etc. as soon as possible. The improvement of cognitive ability is very helpful.
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