With traditional cultural spirit of 'small statue practice - — To the upcoming never'

by:Ennas      2021-08-12
Core tip: the opening time: August 23, 2015, On Sunday) Discussion: came at 19:00 on August 23, 2015 - 10:00 - return on August 24, 2015 17:00 show time: in 2015, 9 August 25 solstice opening time: August 23, 2015, On Sunday) Discussion: came at 19:00 on August 23, 2015 - 10:00 - return on August 24, 2015 17:00 show time: August 2015 on September 6, 25 solstice artist: slide Tian You, Liu Kaiqu, Wang Linyi, shih-ming liu, Sun Jiabo, tu, Zhang Keduan, Zhou Lei, Xiao Li, Zhu Chen, he yong, xia Yang, zhang wei, denis, Tan Xun, high addition, ms liu, sea, Richard beere, Wang Chaoyong, Yang Mushi, Ann yu '( By age) Space design: week hero graphic design: JiJun as Shanghai oil painting figurines courtyard figurines academic series finale, he yong by the artist to practice and traditional cultural spirit of 'small statue' as the theme, and brought a small statue, together with fellow 'to have' exhibition and related academic activities, will be in August 2015 on September 6, 23 solstice painting figurines courtyard gallery in Shanghai. Compared with bright brilliance, stretches for thousands of years of Chinese ancient traditional figurines, began in the western academy modelling system of modern Chinese figurines, as an independent category of art, is in the early twentieth century in background, introduces by he, Liu Kaiqu, Wang Linyi, smooth Tian You the first institution ancestors return home abroad. Then have the fifties and sixties, the study in the Soviet union and to participate in the Soviet union experts to open training class of the second generation of small statue of the home. Since then, Ephraim, Sue is classical realism and realism as the main body of Chinese modern basic lay the figurine art system. To the eighty s, the Chinese mainland appeared by 85 art trendy mass, new art movement in modern Chinese art into life at the same time, but failed to avoid no one based on the local culture. Today, the attitude of Chinese contemporary art is with diverse into a more challenging global reality. From the first generation figurines pioneer so far in one hundred, generations of Chinese figurines home constantly learn from the traditional cultural spirit, back in the source culture, on the basis of absorbing western scientific methods in the Chinese west, and into the small statue of nationality and times context. The exhibition of the artist has both the first generation of small statue of the late and associate professor of central academy of fine arts, China academy of fine arts, lu xun academy of fine arts, tianjin academy of fine arts, Shanghai university academy of fine arts and other important backbone of academic institutions, has just graduated from school, and even is still in the learning of young talents. Different from the present popular mode of professional curator, the exhibition is in the view of general culture, through the artist engaged in creative practice, they are more focused on the sign of The Times and the cultural trend under the impact of art ontology, resulting in a small statue of creative thinking and research as well as the Angle of the cut, or different judgment standard. Exhibition brings together the 22 Chinese figurines of more than seventy pieces, while the author age span is very big, but they are keen on Chinese traditional culture emotional and cultural self-confidence. Different age, different background, different forms of language and style of copolymerization, forgiving show contradictions, to reflect the thickness of plain, the Angle of the statues from practice to cognition of tradition and their own artistic creation, the relationship between cultural spirit. Exhibition will be in the form of 'small sculpture + literature' parallel rendering, each artist in addition to the exhibition, will be there to see their own over the years with the exhibition theme related way of thinking and writing history to literature exhibition, viewers can also through the way of three-dimensional and planar to interpretation and experience of each artist's creative trajectory and thought. 'To have' the interpretation with multiple means of topic, believe that could lead to even more impact and thinking.
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