With these two methods, solid wood furniture can not crack

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: it is a good wood, once appear, fatal crack, the value will plummet. Wood craze, the main table, inside crack, crack and break four wheel. Wood has a characteristic: it is a good wood, once appear fatal crack, the value will plummet. Wood craze, the main table, inside crack, crack and break four wheel. Wood has a characteristic: drying shrinkage is wet bilge. Wood craze, the main reason is the early stage of the lumber moisture content is too high, the late evaporation, but the process of evaporation, the moisture evaporation inside the wood uneven, lead to internal stress of lumber stress non-uniform, too dry, there is a crack. In addition to the cracks start to appear accident, also has a lot of solid wood furniture, use with the crack of also, actually this is also caused by dry processing does not reach the designated position. Over time, a lot of people don't want to buy real wood furniture. Actually the main reason, or because the early stage of the timber processing, still have a lot of water. Under normal circumstances, the atmospheric moisture content of about 12% ( Region is different, will differ) 。 Lumber moisture content as low as possible, of course, will be better. But the wood is dry, the higher technological requirements, the higher the cost of course. Ideal and economic wood moisture content, which is about 8%. When the moisture content of lumber moisture content is higher than that of the atmosphere, the moisture in wood will strongly want permeates the atmosphere, this is a natural force, there is no way to avoid, even if the wood surface coated with film, a long time didn't also the way to avoid film bulge, the phenomenon such as cracking of wood. Some furniture, even without cracking, with the use, the crack growing timber joining together, but also for wood wood shrinkage caused by moisture evaporation. When the moisture content of lumber is lower than the atmosphere of the time, but the water in the air to into the wood, but the wood surface of paint film protection, internal hard water from the atmosphere into the wood. This is equivalent to the atmospheric moisture to an inward force of wood, but has itself of the lumber support, paint film on the surface of the wood, in addition to being oxidized to protect accidental, basically it is difficult to damaged by internal stress. And lumber moisture content is low, the stability is better than high moisture content of wood, the wood to the furniture, is very stable. Normal film, we apply the first layer as far as possible choose water membrane, membrane water adsorption force, higher than the average paint. Some wood, not suitable for coating film, as far as possible before joining together, disposal of the wax, wax treatment of lumber, protection of lumber itself, much better than before daub. Haven't for processing logs, place, as far as possible not to put, prevent the local inventory also try to find a cool, dry place. Processing wood choice, choose wood placed two or three years, a lot of wood to remove moisture, is done through industrial processes, in addition to water, but the wood itself has a release process of internal stress, this is a fairly long time. As far as possible, so in general, we can buy some wood into the preparation area to store, take out again in a few years, make things much better than buy a direct processing.
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