With the explosion of children's digital content, how can the toy industry take advantage of this trend to break new growth?

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
Compared with the generation of Internet immigrants born in the 80s and 90s, the new generation of children have been immersed in the Internet era from birth, and the identity of the Internet aborigines has also made them familiar with the way of using the Internet to obtain knowledge and entertain life. For children's companies, this means that the way to reach children has shifted from offline books and toys to online, and the field of digital content has also emerged. The scale of children's digital content continues to rise. Digital content covers most of the content of children's education and entertainment, including digital reading, digital music, games, and digital animation. Although content is the foundation and focus of the entire industry, judging from the development in recent years, the trend of pan-entertainment is gradually increasing. According to Analysys data, since 2014, the scale of the core industry of digital content has been developing steadily and rapidly every year. Analysys predicts that by 2020, the core industry scale of digital content will reach 380 billion yuan. The current development and prospects of family pan-entertainment are also sufficient to match such data predictions. The independence of the children's section actually increases the participation of the entire family in children’s content. The object-oriented content that content communicators need to consider must also include parental factors. . Broad prospects mean the future market. Under the social background of market economy integration, no industry can exist independently, and the payment habits of digital content gradually tend to be high-end, which also allows practitioners in other industries. Seeing the opportunity, the cross-industry cooperation methods derived from this are not rare. As early as the beginning of 2018, Tencent and Lego Group jointly launched the first domestic children's digital experience system solution. Therefore, the intelligence of games and the quality of content have also become key targets in the domestic children's digital field. Prospects for cross-industry cooperation The toy industry is the so-called integration of play and education. The parenting concept of the new generation of parents will be more inclined to achieve the purpose of education for children through the additional content of toys. With the rise of online children’s digital content, offline early education machines, smart smokers, and smart story machines have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. With the joint efforts of two channels, the toy industry has the opportunity to take advantage of the huge traffic. Entrance, to seize the offline market share. For the field of children's digital content, in addition to Internet gameplay, he needs a carrier to accurately reach the target group, and the high degree of user overlap is the biggest advantage of the toy industry's self-recommendation. But such a combination will inevitably put forward higher requirements. The data shows that in the past three years, the three major content sectors of books, video and audio have all improved a lot, and children's literature has gone through a process from scratch. If the toy industry wants to gain a foothold in a brand new field, it must incorporate high-quality content while ensuring its own high-quality. If you enter the market blindly, harvesting indiscriminately for consumers cannot avoid closing the door. Therefore, high-quality content + high-quality is the cooperative attitude that the toy industry should have. IP cooperation With the diversification of information sources, consumers' awareness of copyright is also increasing, and children's recognition of IP images is also increasing. If you want to grab the children's attention in the shortest time, it is the most efficient and efficient to give him a favorite IP image. Therefore, in the digital content industry, whether it is the self-incubation of IP or the cooperative introduction of IP, it will become a strategic highlight. The industry believes that today's IP is a combination of the three key factors of the main body, the brand story and the concept, rather than a specific work in a certain form. What IP represents more is the platform, and the recommendation of the platform will determine what kind of content users prefer. Breaking through the limitations of physical connections and ultimately achieving more efficient service expansion is the meaning of the combination of high-quality IP and digital content. 'China Children's Digital Content Industry White Paper 2019' shows that brands have become the first influencing factor of children's digital content users' consumption preferences, and the quality assurance and traffic brought by brands can quickly accumulate a user base for the children's digital industry. As users become more and more critical in their choices, brands can stand out even more in the context of content outbreaks, and parents are also willing to spend higher prices to purchase better quality content for their children. In the Internet environment, content has become the most important part of consumption. Whether it is for product operation or empowerment, it will ultimately fall on the basis of high-quality content.
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