With the dream of aerospace and the heart of science and technology, Bruker joins hands with the China Space Foundation to help children grow

by:Ennas      2022-01-10
On May 18, Bruco signed a cooperation agreement with the China Aerospace Foundation, and was officially awarded the honorary title of partner in the aerospace industry. For a long time, Bruker Building Blocks insists on technological innovation to cultivate children's imagination and hands-on ability. Building blocks are not just toys, but a door for children to create the world. This spirit is now recognized by the China Aerospace Foundation, and the two parties are also looking forward to future cooperation. Wang Dongju, Vice Chairman of China Aerospace Foundation, Wang Senan, Deputy Secretary-General, Yang Aimin, Director of Business Development Department, and Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks attended the signing ceremony. Just 3 days ago, the Chinese spacecraft went to Mars for the first time and successfully landed on the distant red planet, completing a feat in the history of human aerospace and achieving my country’s first extraterrestrial planet landing, which shows that our country is steadily moving from a space power to a space power. . On this special day, the opening ceremony of the authorization cooperation between Bruker and China Aerospace Foundation is more commemorative. The China Aerospace Foundation also sent Bruce a model of aerospace rocket to witness the friendship between the two parties. Under the guidance of the aerospace spirit, the two parties will complete a common vision for all children and families to take into account the aerospace concept and the coexistence of intelligence. It is believed that this cooperation will achieve a win-win situation of boosting the aerospace industry and promoting the continuous development of the enterprise. Speech by Wang Dongju, Vice Chairman of China Aerospace Foundation. As a leading brand of high-tech children's building blocks in China, Bruco is a leader in the industry. Over the years, Bruker Group has taken science and technology to accompany growth as its mission, closely focusing on the eternal theme of children’s education, cultivating scientific and technological products, educational services and cultural IP, using educational building blocks, which are seemingly simple but contain infinite possibilities. To inspire and guide children's hands-on ability, thinking ability, creativity and exploration ability, meaning and function are very important. Overtaking in the wrong way, with precision and effort, Bruker's products have achieved new leaps again and again, seeking development through innovation, and creating brilliance through progress. At the beginning of the authorization cooperation ceremony, Wang Dongju, vice chairman of China Aerospace Foundation, gave a speech first and gave a great affirmation to the Bruco building block brand. In you, we have seen a strong sense of social responsibility and active participation in China's aerospace industry. . I understand that this is also the deep reason why Bruco has become a partner of China's aerospace industry with core values u200bu200band sense of mission. Bruker President Sheng Xiaofeng shared that Bruker President Sheng Xiaofeng also reviewed the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides: Bruker and the China Aerospace Foundation have gone through more than half a year and several negotiations before and after they reached today's cooperation. At the end of last year, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Bruco Group, Wang Senan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Aerospace Foundation, and his entourage made a special trip to Bruco Group headquarters and Kunshan factory for in-depth research. At that time, they had an impression of Bruco’s high-quality building blocks. Profoundly, this also laid the foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Although aerospace science and technology seem to be far away from human life, the aerospace spirit is very close to us. Sheng Xiaofeng said: Bruker has always insisted on being a Chinese original brand, and has also carried forward the Chinese aerospace spirit in the process of research and development and production, and will always climb the peak. Take Bruker's recently launched new product technology interactive series of toys, which integrate hydraulic technology elements into toys, so that children can cultivate the ability to explore independently and learn more knowledge in the process of building blocks by hand, thereby inspiring knowledge about technology. Of great interest. In fact, this is in line with the exploratory spirit of aerospace. Sheng Xiaofeng also looks forward to the future cooperation plan: Bruco plans to integrate elements of aerospace science and technology such as moon landing, Mars, space station, rockets into the science and technology interactive series products. This kind of exploration desire and aerospace spirit allows more children to infiltrate the building block environment with aerospace science and technology elements created by Bruker from an early age. Finally, witnessed by the leaders of China Aerospace Foundation and Bruker's family, the two parties completed the signing and licensing ceremony. Bruker blocks were officially awarded the honorary title of partner in the aerospace industry by the China Aerospace Foundation. Awarding ceremony, from left: Wang Dongju and Sheng Xiaofeng signing ceremony, from left: Sheng Xiaofeng, Wang Senan In the future, Bruco will carry forward the aerospace spirit and develop more products with Chinese aerospace science and technology elements to bring more fun to children Valuable building block products.
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