With high grade of jade carving works market _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-18
Core tip: jade carving art heritage, as well as how to innovate consciousness, correctly guide the market, this is the older generation of Chinese art masters concern, is between the jade carving master Song Shiyi speech discourse of the jade carving art heritage, as well as how to innovate consciousness, correctly guide the market, this is the older generation of Chinese art masters concern, is between the jade carving master Song Shiyi speech words mention of the most popular topics. At present, a lot of jade carving works more is to cater to the market of commercial work. These work the pursuit of excellence, on craft techniques change is multifarious, but lack the real cultural connotation, and has formed the situation of product homogeneity. Contrast, serious works of high gold content, high grade and culture while high artistic value, but the market acceptance is not high, this is also one of the factors of product homogeneity. Song Shiyi said, today's jade carving master should break through the traditional ideas, breaking, while improve the creators artistic accomplishment, to guide the normal development of the jade market, producing any work which is fit. Break from passing on jade carving art how to spur the enthusiasm of the jade carving art practitioners, jade carving art how can be well go down? Song Shiyi said that perceptions in deep in the continuation of traditional culture and the Chinese nation five thousand is inseparable, is the need of art tradition and traditional culture, art also can only keep pace with The Times by practitioners of the heritage and development. Jade carving industry after one thousand and longevity, formed the rich jade culture, both extensive and profound. Jade carving art masters from generation to generation, and in succeeding to the traditional process, and constantly introduce, absorb, innovative sculpture art design gimmick. It is a long history and profound cultural background and unique resources of jade knot, makes jade carving the art treasure handed down from generation to generation, carry forward. Especially modern the older generation of jade carving masters many skills, after many years of artistic heritage and experience, has formed its own unique style, and these unique skills we need to inherit and carry forward. Song Shiyi said, jade carving industry is a very personal and distinctive industries, carvers, works must be according to the characteristics of the materials for the hence the 'jade carving work no two are the same'. Jade carvings from providers need to design and fabricate the unity of knowledge and talent, so that changes in the production, increase in the modification. Here, the design and fabrication are complementary to each other, flutters jade carving practitioners can according to the characteristics of the raw materials for processing, then to create. Song Shiyi students have a lot of foreign people, mostly has become the backbone of jade carving industry. He said: 'to break, widely accept disciple, jade carving in China can better development. 'Abandon commercial noise correctly guide the market, some people think, the ancients of the technology is better than now, but not better than before now. Song Shiyi argues that every age has its cultural tradition, and with a distinct era. Feudal society period of the artists are completely open process to have a meal, not influenced by money, market sales, not limited by time and again at the same time the influence of stress in your life. At that time, a piece of work can cut last year or longer. In the 21st century today, jade carving art is the combination of artificial and mechanical, also improves a lot on craft process, but more high benefit and low cost, but also must meet the market demand, this kind of environment make the person produces the impetuous mentality is inevitable. Jade carving industry, not only many other art forms as painting, sculpture, drama and so on, too, are affected by the market, the commercial flavor is rich. So serious, the creation of high quality on the market is not a lot, secular, to cater to the market is more, this is more contributed to the work of homogeneity and the same. Song Shiyi think, this also and the whole social cultural pursuit, psychology of the consumers and so on. In the era of all linked with money, in the minds of many people, no matter how high the value of personal creation, if the person is poor in money, so that people still do not belong to successful people. How much money become the symbol of success, this has been a lot of people can't sink down and doing things. At this, jade carving arts workers how to produce is fit, correctly guide the market consumption become the industry's top priority. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's living quality, the requirement to the artistic grade will also to higher and higher, jade carving art, as the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, the high grade, unique cultural connotation of jade carving works will be more people of all ages.
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