With a daily output of 2 million yuan, these Chenghai toy factories have their orders scheduled to June and July~

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
Construction started on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Aofei Entertainment's toy brands issued the first container in the Year of the Ox. The 40-foot container was filled with truck-to-car toys and shipped to Ukraine; by the end of February, more than 20 containers were shipped out. Shipment overseas. In the new year and new atmosphere, in Chenghai, the toy capital of China, many toy companies responded to the local New Year initiative before the holiday, actively stabilizing their posts, and seizing the opportunity for production after the holiday. , Expand sales, and make every effort to make the first order of the New Year. Among them, the production workshop of Guangdong Senbao Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. is full of enthusiasm and busy. The workers are skillfully sorting and packaging toy building blocks. Since the resumption of work on the eighth day of the first month, the company has opened 7 production lines, which can produce products worth 2 million yuan a day. During the Spring Festival this year, more than 800 non-local employees of Senbao stayed in Shantou to celebrate the New Year, becoming the main force for enterprises to start production after the holiday. The production schedule for the total order received by the company has been scheduled to June and July this year. Senbao, which started to enter the building block toy category in 2013, not only focuses on the research and development of all products, but also upgrades from ordinary functional building blocks to IP products, cultural and creative products, and continues to broaden the age of consumer groups. In recent years, the IP building block products developed around domestic movies have achieved impressive results. Among them, the 'Wandering Earth' series of products developed by the company in combination with movie scenes and vehicles has become one of the most popular building block products, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan. Pay attention to the in-depth combination of original and national IP authorization, continuously expand the strength of the Ru0026D and design team, and inject fresh vitality into the Senbao brand. Lin Zezhe, general manager of Senbao, told reporters that last year the company developed new products and opened up online channels to increase its annual sales by about 30% over 2019. Lin Zezhe is full of confidence in the company's development in the new year. This year, Senbao will continue to use its Ru0026D advantages and plan to develop 200 new products, mainly national tide, military, and education products. Now 80 models have been developed and 120 models are under design. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and Senbao will promote more military-themed IP products. In addition, the company also plans to recruit more outstanding Ru0026D talents, expand the Ru0026D team of 300 to 400, enhance the brand, and launch more new products that meet the needs of consumer segments. We want to build the first brand of domestic building blocks! Work will resume on time on the seventh day, and work will start in full on the eighth day! The assembly workshop of Aofei Entertainment Co., Ltd. is also busy. Before the Spring Festival, the company responded to the government's call by taking multiple measures to encourage employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and rewarding employees who returned to work on time and started production. On the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, the company's production and assembly workshops resumed normal operations, and the first container in the Year of the Ox was sent to Ukraine. The production situation in the new year is better than last year, especially the arrival rate of front-line workers is also relatively high. Now the production order received by the company has been scheduled to the end of March. Compared with February last year, the order volume increased by more than 30%. Said Yang Yusheng, assistant to the general manager of Aofei. In addition to traditional toys, Aofei began to expand its blind box series products last year. On the one hand, it uses its own IP to develop blind box products that children like. Play with products. Yang Yusheng told reporters that at present, companies are working on product development and the introduction of high-quality talents, hoping to continue to expand the market share of products in the new year. The employees returned to work in an orderly manner, the company started smoothly, and focused on product research and development and market development. In Chenghai District, there are still many companies that are inspiring in the beginning of the year. Guangdong Wanfengrun Culture Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that integrates Ru0026D, production and sales of various toy products and enjoys independent import and export rights. As of February 23, the company had 4 production lines in normal operation, and more than 150 front-line employees were in production. According to Chen Shunhai, manager of the company's quality control department, as the economic situation recovers, the number of orders after the holiday has increased, which has injected strong momentum into the company. The current order schedule has been scheduled to April. It is understood that Chenghai District will provide a series of combinations such as solving the employment problems of enterprises and encouraging financial institutions to provide credit support to provide good services to help enterprises achieve a good start in the new year.
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